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Southern CA GTOs - where are they?!?!

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Anyone else waiting for their car in southern CA? I was the first order placed by John Hine pontiac in San Diego. My TPW is 10/23. The dealer told me on 12/11 that the car was on a trailer on it's way down from San Francisco and would arrive in a few days. Well, I'm still waiting. According to them (for what it's worth), two GTOs have been delivered to San Diego and one of them was NOT EVEN A PREORDER! They tell me that two of their GTOs arrived at LA but neither is mine. They have no information on where my car is - they don't even know if it has been loaded or shipped yet. I'm waiting for them to tell me that last weeks earthquake is delaying delivery...Or that this weeks storm has held it up...or some other excuse. It looks like I'm not the only one waiting...
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Welcome to the club, man. If you scan the last months worth of posts here you will find the rantings of a couple hundred really angry future GTO owners asking the same question and getting no answer. A couple on this forum- maghut and danny760- have gotten their cars. Your area. They seem to be flowing now so hopefuly will see a lot more deliveries in the next week or two.
I also called 800-2pontiac today asking where in the world my car was. They told to talk to the dealer. I replied that I had so THEY called the dealer. They got the same runaround I got. Then I asked them "How would you feel if this were YOUR car and nobody could tell YOU anything about where it is or when you'll get it?" I assume many others have had a similar experience with them.
Two GTO's are in SD and both were pre-orders. I have seen John Hine's ad in the paper for the last few weeks making it sound like he has a GTO in his showroom. I got mine at Miramar Pontiac and the other in SD was purchased up in Escondido. I would keep the pressure on your salesman, I find it odd they have 2 in LA and neither one is yours if you are there first pre-order.
I keep calling the Hine salesman and I sense that he's embarassed that he can't give me any solid information on my car. BTW, I went to the car show today at the convention center just to see a new 2004 GTO. They had a red with black interior automatic tranny on a revolving pedestal. They wouldn't let me sit in it :mad:

I also checked out the mustang concept car. My opinion was that the front looked good but the rear could use a more retro look like the front.
I plan on hitting the car show tomorrow morning while all the drunks are sleeping off there hangovers. I will be driving my GTO down. Never was a big Mustang fan but I am curious to get a look at the new one.
I guess misery loves company, ordered mine July 8th had a TPW of 3 Nov then 27 Nov. Am hoping it's on the Cosmos Express. You mentioned yours was to be trailored down here, I was wondering if they would rail them to LA, then trailor them out. I would rather they trailor it the whole way. I'm in Yucaipa, about 100 mi N of SD.
From what I understand mine was railed all the way to San Diego and only was on a truck for the 15 miles or so to get to the dealer. If you are 100 miles north of us I am sure yours will ride the rail to LA. Is Yucaipa out in Riverside or San Bernadino county? I have not heard of it.

I was afraid of that rail business, as it will probably take longer!

Yucaipa is about 15 miles east of San Bernadino, it was a pretty small town when we moved here 11 years, but of course growing by leaps and bounds as is most of Ca.
I'm calling the dealer again tomorrow (Fri) and I'll report the status here. My guess is that they don't know anymore than they did last week or the week before that or the week before that ....
The gto sales guy is out until Monday. Another sales person told me they were due to get some cars in but wassn't sure if any were gtos (probably not). I'll call em again Monday.
The GTO sales guy is out? I am sure they have a manager working every shift who should be able to help you out if they put forth a little effort. Harass them enough and someone will get you an answer.
I'll give them a call tomorrow. I hope they can give me some news of substance instead of "we are as anxious as you to get the gto". Believe me, NOBODY is as anxious as I am!
My GTO arrived in LA 1/3/04. Status is 3750. According to the dealer it may take up to three weeks to arrive in San Diego. They are still waiting for a GTO that arrived 12/20. Maybe they were just slow over the holidays and things are going to pick up. Am I dreamin' or what?!? He said my car was produced 11/22/03 and it had a TPW of 10/23/03 - a delay of nearly a month. I stopped holding my breath a long time ago. At least it's here in the states.
3 weeks to go from LA to SD? That is crazy. You could crawl from SD to LA on your hands and knees in a couple of days. I think they are pulling your leg on this one. With extremely heavy traffic that is only a 4 or 5hour drive, max. I would continue to keep the pressure on them for more specific news, like how it is getting to SD, when it is shipping, why they cannot get it on a truck today and deliver it to you tomorrow.
maghut - we ought to get together for a gto photo once mine arrives, that is if it ever arrives. If you're up you're up for that, let me know.
Sounds good, I will watch for your GTO's arrival. Are you going to the GM cars in motion (or something like that) show next week at the Q.
maghut said:
Sounds good, I will watch for your GTO's arrival. Are you going to the GM cars in motion (or something like that) show next week at the Q.

Yeah - either Saturday or Sunday - haven't decided yet. Are you going?
I am going Thursday afternoon, I made an appointment to drive an H2 or an Escalade. Should be fun.
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