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No longer works for Speed inc
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Just wanted to introduce ourself to the new section

most information about us can be found on our website at

I've been at speed for 3 years now, I worked as a mechanic for 5 years before moving over here, at first I was looking for a working vacation, but it quickly turned into a full time job.

Why are we here?
We specialize in LS1/2/3 parts, tuning and Fbody turbo system fabrication, I'm constantly trying to improve our product line, we carry Melling oil pumps, ARP fasteners, comp cams, Callies, PAC springs, Diamond pistons etc. My interest is providing these parts.

Speed inc. was founded in 1999 by Tom Izzo who began modifying LS1s from their beginnings. Many 4-th Gen LS1 camaro owners needed a knowledgeable shop. Tom grew a small hobby into the Midwest US Largest GM EFI Performance Shop. Growing out of 3 locations, our current facilities are located in Schaumburg IL. The 7,500 sq ft location houses our offices, large parts inventory, and the biggest GM EFI Performance Service Center in the Midwest. Our experienced technicians perform quality installations of all the parts in our catalog. Staying true to our beginnings we offer the best prices for parts and labor.

The shop here we have an open house at the start of our racing season (April), routinely has turned into a popular burnout fest

Heres some pics of the shop

thanks for reading

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