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We have added Mcleod RST and RXT to our regular stock after complete validation of the product. I've ran the clutch in my own GTO for 2,500 miles, very quiet, smooth, no chatter and holds the power. We ran the RXT in a 850rwhp C6 Z06.

The key to this clutch is a pressure plate that has 1900lbs of spring pressure, same pressure you would expect in a stock OE pressure plate. So you have a stock feeling pedal. Often a aggressive single disc will have 2500+lbs of spring pressure.

RST/RXT clutches discs are solid,no springs! discs have a marcel, the marcel is like wavey pieace of steel in middle of the clutch disc; a factory disc has this. What a marcel does for a clutch disc, adds a shock absorber, a dynamic resistance to the driveline. This gives you a smooth engagement.

The diameter of the RST/RXT is smaller at 9 11/16" the LS7 clutch is 11.5"
smaller diameter clutch assembly will allow your engine to accelerate quicker, while keeping its inertia.

What Clutch is for me? RST or RXT?

Recommend RST from factory power level (300hp) to 800hp

Recommend RXT for vehicle with power adder

RXT uses Miba ceramic lining increases capacity to 1,000hp

Let me know if you have any questions

6912-07 RST clutch assembly $689.99
6932-07 RXT clutch assembly $899.99
460530 Billet steel flywheel $339.00
560530 Aluminum flywheel w/ steel insert $489.00

You can find these clutches on our website here
McLeod RST/RXT clutches

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