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I found all this through several forums, ls1gto, ls1tech, ls1edit and here.

Go to the dyno to see what the optimal RPM shift point is, in my case 6200 is the best RPM to shift at, although the rev limiter is at 6500, 6200 will give it more then enough room not to bang its head on the rev limiter while shifting.
This page will tell you

NOW GO HERE and enter your cars transmission A4 in my case and tires. and then top speed calc

On that page, enter your new rev limit 6200 now for mine since thats the optimal shift RPM.

1st = 44
2nd = 83
3rd = 136
4th = 195 :hail:
get this
REVERSE is 59MPH OMG I can almost go on the highway in reverse :gr_jest:

Take these values and using LS1edit in my case on the transmission calibration page
Perf Shift MPH
1-2 = 44
2-3 = 83
3-4 = 136

1-2 = 6200
2-3 = 6200
3-4 = 6200

Hope all the research I did helps someone else. sticky this if you find it helpful :D

Now I can manually shift and goto 6500, but its not ever needed just there in case. The page above that tells the optimal shift point sure will help me instead of thinking I needed to goto 6500 just to get the most out if it.
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