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Minty fresh inside?

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nice....saving it for the next owner? lol :) 56K on mine


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Ha! Mine had more than that when I bought it in 2010 (27k). It has about 47k now, so I've managed to log about 20k of my own miles since 2010. Mine still smells new inside (leathery) and the interior is holding up great. No dents or dings but there are a few touched up chips in the paint on the bumper and hood. Overall it looks pretty good for a 13 year old car if I do say so myself. I don't think mine was ever driven in much bad weather and I certainly don't drive it unless it is sunny out, don't even like to drive it in the rain if I can help it. Still looks good underneath, though it could stand to be cleaned underneath again.

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Monaro brochure

Greetings Guys: I'm at 44,000 now & it has become garage art, no gas pedal yet. Tonight we'll know if our fix has worked. Anyway last night one of my old friends handed me a Monaro brochure his daughter or Son in law mailed to him for me from down under. The benefits of having your 17th cousins start a car company with your last name. The booklet looks to be a 2001 or 2002?? Seems to be from 2001, as that's the copy right date on the back page. Super charger V-6 or Gen III V-8 are the engine options. The bumper cover is quite plain & the model is a CV8. The head lights are also different, thinner. Take Care Ole' Bob.
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