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Has anyone done a stroker kit on their motor ? I am looking at either doing a stroker kit or going with the SLP 402.. wanted to know the pros and cons.. Also, if I do a head and cam kit first can I switch it over to the 402 without any problems ?
I'm from NJ and see alot of the guys here talk about Cartek ? Does anyone have any personal experience with them and have they done anywork on our cars yet ?

sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I spend my money in the right spot.
I am looking for a 11 sec daily driver in the end.. may have to have Padre come and run it down the track.. because I S$^% at the track :gr_jest:

--Insert witty comment here--
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I'm having a 408 stroker built here locally by Combination Motorsports
They were a little bit more than the SLP 402, but they offer several advantages.
First, they balance the rotating assembly in house, they don't just assemble parts.
Second, they use ARP studs on the mains.
Third, they offer a warranty on the shortblock, as opposed to as-is with the SLP unit.
Heads and cams will respond differently in a larger engine, a cam that is considered "big" in a 346 could be quite mild in a larger displacement engine. Same for cylinder heads, once you go to a larger bore, you will need heads that flow more, and have bigger valves.
If you want some hard core stroker tech, go search the LS1/LS6 engine forum at
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