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Sub-Frame Connectors

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Are these going to be needed or is the chasis pretty stiff on them.
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According to the articles of those that have driven the pre-production models the handling is better than any GTO ever. Obviously time will tell and hopefully we won't need them.

Yeah but the current trans-am was the best ever and it needed them too. I just dont want to tear the car up before I find out that they need them. We need a list of common upgrades that people do to the Monaro.
yes we do .... but we also have to remember that we do things differently. we've taken the camaro's and ta's much further than they have taken any monaro.
Not exactly. Here's a 10 sec Monaro.
how many 10 second f-bodies do you think are in the US?

I would have to say it could almost be in the thousand mark... ya figure cam/heads or a 150 shot with slicks and suspension work and there ya go.

and there are also plenty of 9 second LS1's and now ARE just hit 8.

Not saying that they can not make their car's fast .... just saying we can take them further.
Being Uni-Body, if you plan on making some serious power and doing some serious launching, then yes, SFC's will be mandatory.

With that much power unless you have a bumper to bumper full boxed rail or hydro-formed set of frame rails, then you will need something to tie them together.

And Devil is correct, I can count probably more LS1 F-Body's running 10's and even quicker than I have fingers and toes to count them on here in Chicago.
They also help out tremendously with handling.
Oh yea!!

My car felt as solid and as one piece as my truck after I put in my KBDD's.
People are having good results with these.
R u serious? I think that is the oldest thread ever revived..... brah ;)
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