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I ordered my Kooks from AZPS a while back when they were running a special and I finally got my first glimpse at greatness.

I saw this box laying there when I got home....maybe 1'x2'x4'.

Thought to myself...hmmm, I would have thought Long Tubes would be...well....Long.

Oh well, I go in, open the packing slip and it says all is there....sweet.

I open the box and pull out 2 very nice looking mid pipes with cats and the box of fasteners, gaskets, O2 extensions, etc.

I reach my hand in for more....and pull out nothing. Where are my headers:drink:

Called the guys at AZPS and they tell me Kooks must have sent the midpipes directly to me and my headers out for coating. Should have the headers next week. :whine: :whine:

Oh well, I will survive. No plans on installing for a bit so I will make it. I was actually hoping it was my tires from Doc for autoxing this weekend but these will fill the void nicely :pimp:

Once again, thanks AZPS for the great prices and excellent support.

Pics once the rest of my goodies show :patriot:

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oh yeah, that would definately be mild torture. Totally understandable, but mild torture none the less heh. I got my Kooks LT and mid-pipes yesterday at the same time so I guess I should be grateful I wasn't teased. But waiting for headers to be coated is well worth the wait.
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