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Born in a class 5 hurricane
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Was recently out in Colorado on vacation, getting pictures in Rocky Mountain NP. I had my camera on a tripod and was moving it around when - thunk! Right to the ground. I guess I didn't have the mount properly secured to the tripod head.

My polarizing filter appeared to take the brunt of the fall, with a large dent in it. Lens actually seemed OK, but the camera (5DM2) was bricked. The memory card light would blink and the shutter would fire, but all the displays were blank. I also have an old Rebel body, but it definitely cast a cloud over what was supposed to be a vacation.

Anyway, I shipped it back to Canon when I got home. They said it could be fixed and charged me a standard $230 for labor. Parts would be extra. Got it back yesterday, and it seems to work just fine. They had to replace the DC/DC power supply, and they even replaced the top portion of the case that got scuffed up. And they didn't charge me extra for any parts.

I am extremely pleased with Canon's repair service. I'm probably going to send the lens to them for standard servicing and cleaning.
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