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Talked to Jim @ Pontiac ....

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Just hung up the phone. I talked to him beifly about some of the frusturations going on. He assures me we are his more important group to please with this car. Any more delays are for quality purposes.... he wants everyone to be as happy as Danny and Maghut has been.

He honestly sounds to try to get the dealerships the best info he can. We know quite well some of the intelligence levels coming out of the dealerships (present company excluded).

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I will say that Jim' candor is one of the main reasons we have not gone on a wanton rampage.

:drink: :drink:
Tails said:
I will say that Jim' candor is one of the main reasons we have not gone on a wanton rampage.

:drink: :drink:
Agreed. Except its worn out and tired at this point.

There is no reason for a rail car to take 14 days to cross the country, no matter how many times you switch it.

Heck, just assume that the trains to each part of the country take the same amount of time to cover the same ground (Not a completely fair assumption, but its better than assuming they reach all points at the same time, because they dont). Using that logic I'm looking at a 28 day trip to Florida because they haven't figured out how to reach the midwest in 14.

This isn't a ship. You don't need 450 cars on a train to make it worthwhile to ship that way. You only need a few. And trains run significantly more frequently then trans pacific car carriers.

These are the questions Jim needs to answer.

Why is it that I can't just call 1-800-2PONTIAC and give my order number and have someone come back and say "Its in rail car #a01239 on Burlington Southern. Its estimated to reach the dealer on december 22nd". All I have is that it was invoiced sometime last week, estimated delivery december 12th and shipped on december 3rd. All of that was from either the little bit of info my dealer has (like the charge for the vehicle) or this site. We are now 160% over on the delivery estimate. That is UNACCEPTABLE without a personal call, in any business standard practice. Its worse that its a $33,000 product that was ordered 7 months in advance.
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Actually, 14 days for a rail car is pretty quick! Especially when it can sit in yards being shuffled around to the proper eastbound train.
CMNTMXR57 said:
Actually, 14 days for a rail car is pretty quick! Especially when it can sit in yards being shuffled around to the proper eastbound train.
It isn't the sitting in a rail yard that would concern me. Now if it were sitting somewhere getting worked on THAT WOULD concern me! ;) What's that it was called? "Quality Purposes". I sure hope we don't find out later that "Quality Purposes" turns out to mean "Build Issues". I'm just starting to get a little leary as to why all the secrecy.
this is BS and they know it if any one reads this site from GM or pontiac wants to e mail me and tell me somethig truthfull go ahead ill even give my phone # and they can call //i put it out there because in 6 months i havent got a straight answer yet so [email protected] or [email protected] bet no one does// ///??
cmntmxr57 you are probably right about 14 days i donot know but like i said someone somewhere maybe in the mid west or between mid west and california should have got a GTO in that area dont you think by now there are folks with vins and 5000#s in missouri/indiana/wisconsin/ i also think if the first 470 are delivered to places GM could tell us say for example so and so in arizona dealer got some or who ever???
In my line of work I can get a rail car from the west coast to the east coast in 5 days. It's called fast track. I do it ALL day. Gotta spur right out back.
Okay, I think I found the reason for the delay. They are giving each car 5 coats of Zaino! :D I received this top secret information only because I am a member in good standing in the Zaino cult! I'll probably be snuffed if they find out told all of you this!
I'm putting my money on HD926; he's given me more positive info in the last two days than my dealer has for well, come to think of it, EVER!

I'm going to be waiting at the dealership when the transport pulls in, or maybe I'll drive north and escort it down.

Some people think I'm crazy, but I'm OK - really - I'm OK :drink: :drink:
My dealer is suppose to call when the truck pulls up with our first GTO (not mine) but I'm still going to take a drool....... I mean look.

I'll post once we get it here in IOWA (suppose to be this week, yeah right)

Oh and it's a yellow one for ya DY - I'll take pics with my super-expensive digital camera and post them here!
Edge they told me that Pontiac tells them that the yellow car (not ours as you say!) and possibly some others are in the country and on their way, but they don't know what to believe. Wouldn't it be swell if........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I ain't even going there!! I'm thinking we'll be waiting awhile longer. Oh but it sure would be........DOH!!
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