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i just wanted to let y'all know that we received our check yesterday from Padre (which is amazingly fast considering we are still getting august mail that has been backed up for forever). and i jjust wanted to take a moment to thank all my goatblood brethren that donated to all of us LA folks. that was more than gracious of y'all and we appreciate it very much. and i promise i won't buy any mods with that money :gr_devil: it will go towards fixing up our living room so that we can fix it up better than it was before.

since we had to cancel the halloween party we had planned due to the hole in our ceiling (which sux cux i love halloween)... and now since we have to fix the ceiling, replace carpet, paint the walls, and replace the sofa... we have decided to do it right and improve upon what we have and the $300 will go towards that. i'll be sure and post some pics of the finished product, but it will be a while cuz we have lots to do.

so thank y'all so very much. thanks to all who donated... and thanks especially to DevilYellow for starting this whole thing and Padre for taking on the burden of doing this when paypal failed.

*in my best southern accent* "we love y'all."

goatblood for life.
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