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I want thank everyone that helped me...

Mike: for the diag on the beast and finding the problem.
Carl: for waking me up every morning at 7:00am sharp except show day..hehehee
Carl again: for the sweet margarita the diabetic coma to follow...
Todd for bring his younging so carl and I could fight over who will be her uncle...hehehe
Sam: Hooter girl just for being a hooters girl
Kim: for asking Carl to help her remove my car cover an hour into the show...
Hollywood: for showing up and being a driver ....
Lance: for being a good little Cancer Patient..
Jimmy : so we would have someone around all week to make fun of.....
and last but not least thanks to everyone that voted for my car so I could keep a perfect streak alive.....carl didn't win again and again...hehehehe

Until next year... asked for it Lance!:eek2:
21 - 23 of 23 Posts