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Well, I'm bored at work!!! Let's do one from the hated Yankees!!

The Yankees had a LOT of retreads in the 80's, so I'll limit this to 2 a year.


Don Slaught. What is known about Don Slaught? Would it be when he got plunked in the face by a pitch at Fenway? Wore a facemask at the plate afterwords. Or would it be that horrible 1987 when he had 20 Passed Balls in a season? Didn't even lead the league. That distinction went to his teammate Geno Petralli with 35. Wonder if Charlie Hough had something to do with that? Hmmmm.....

Deion Sanders. Yes THAT Deion Sanders. Wouldn't you love to have THAT rookie card? Memorable from his playing days: One time he stepped into the batter's box and wrote a $ symbol into the dirt, which pissed Carlton Fisk off something fierce. Took off his mask and confronted him right then and there.


Richard Dotson. Dotson came over from the White Sox in a deal of several forgotten players. Check out Dotson's 1983. Might fine year with 22 wins. Wasn't even the best on his team (Lamar Hoyt had 24).

John Candelaria. The Candy Man!!! LOVE this guy!! Why you ask? Because this guy always comes through for me in my baseball sims. Also came through in the 1979 "We Are Family" World Champion Pirates. Also won an ERA title at 23.


Jerry Royster. Journeyman. Made the most incredible catch I have ever seen in Atlanta. Interesting note: The next year they raised the fence in LF from 8 to 12 ft as a result. Whaaaa????
Tough to find the video, but I got it!! 22:12


Butch Wynegar. Offensive Catcher when that meant you hit .260. Was their starter for several years...yes, it was lean times behind the plate in the Bronx that decade.

John Montefusco. This was San Francisco's idea of an ace back in the day. One of the better nicknames in baseball at the time "The Count".


Ron Hassey. Yes my friends, lean times behind the plate! He was Wynegar's backup. Hit 13 HR that year. Guess it wasn't all THAT bad, right? Was involved in a trade in '84 that saw Rick Sutcliffe go to the Cubs, who then proceeded to go 16-1. Crazy!

Neil Allen. Weird guy. HUUUGE leg kick (look it up). Was a closer and a starter. A couple of years after this stint he couldn't find a win with 2 hands and a map. Went 0-8 in '87. Sounds like Mustangs' record against GTOs. Amiright? :p


Toby Harrah. 3B. Once was traded for Buddy Bell straight up. I would have NEVER made that deal. Bell was a generational gloveman at 3B. Toby was....well, his name was cool on the jersey!

Steve Kemp/Tim Foli. OK, I am deviating from the 2 man per year because I wanted to highlight these guys. Both these guys didn't do much in pinstripes but boy oh boy did they do something in Pittsburgh in 1985!! The absolute WORST team of retreads of all time. Name a good player on his last legs from the 70's and you have the 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates. Horrible. Lost 104 games. Should have lost 124.


Omar Moreno. Another Pirate guy. Fast as a GTO!!! 96 steals in '80. 7 in '83. What a difference 3 years makes.

Matt Keough. This guy played Billy Ball at its height in Oakland. He was one of 5 guys in that rotation that Billy Martin pulled a Dusty Baker and ran their arms until they fell off. One guy (Rick Langford) completed 28 of 33 games he started. Unheard of even back then. Keough was all done by the time he went to NY. Missed a year after, then because a serviceable RP. Something to be said about that.


Oscar Gamble. Great hair. GREAT hair!!! Really good hitter and a crouch at the plate that made you believe he had some bad chili for lunch. I loved this guy!!

Mike Morgan. LOOONNNGG career with several teams. Pitched until he was 42. Lost 186 games including 3 games when he was 18. What were YOU doing at 18????


Rick Reuschel. BIG dude!! Very good pitcher in the 70's, but we are talking the 80's here. Remember that 1985 Pirate team I was talking about? Here's another guy. 2.27 ERA shows he wasn't done. Gave up the leadoff HR to Bo Jackson in the All-Star Game in 1989. It was a BOMB in straightaway CF.

Rick Cerone. Ick!!! Another bad Catcher. Does have the distinction of playing for both the Sox and Yankees. Got MVP votes in 1980, so maybe I'm being a little too hard on the guy?


Fred Stanley. Played a lot of SS and 2B. Guy couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. .216 lifetime in over 1600 AB. Yeah, he had plenty of chances.

Luis Tiant. El Tianti! Another guy who also played for the Sox. What a 1968!!!!!! Classy guy, awesome windup. Should be in the Hall. Period!!!!!
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