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Ther're auctioning my car on ebay!

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This Dealer has my car on ebay!
You can "Buy it now" for only $43,190:slap:
Anyhow, there is some nice pics of a Silver car if you would like to see them:
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They might find some fool to pay it in CA. This only seems to be happening in the "hot" markets on the coasts. Midwest is much more conservative. Any dealer in Cleveland will sell at sticker.
If someone was auctioning my car, I'd have heads rolling!!
How do you know it's really your car? Is it your serial number or just a car that looks like the one you ordered?
Its just a twin to what I ordered! My TPW got pushed back 51 days to 1-14. Probably so a Dealer could get an earlier one:mad:
I was gonna say!!! If it were actually yours, I'd be screaming bloody murder.
i think they are auctioning our cars on MARS whats that www. ebay/ mars
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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