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I have constant Priapism
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I've got a question for all of you experts out there. I've been viewing this site for quite awhile on another name, and for whatever reason I couldn't post, and now that I finally can, I can put my question out there. So anyway...

I already deleted my 04 bumper and installed an 06 with a custom cut to fit my Borla dual/dual out. Purple Power Oil. Purple Power Diff fluid.

I am going to supercharge this car soon. Here is the order I plan on doing mods, please let me know where I might be making errors.

In Order:

Kooks 1 7/8 headers

Patriot Performance GM LS6 Head, Cam & Roller Rocker Arm Kit 59cc

BMR Driveshaft
BMR Driveshaft Loop
BMR Axles

(whoever gives best price)

Once all above installed, having it towed to a shop to be tuned.

SLP line locks
Wilwood Brakes

Do I need to upgrade the clutch/flywheel with these mods?
Where might I hit a speed bump?

Is this the proper head/cam kit I want and will work and fit with theses mods, and I am looking for a semi street strip cam.? Whats the Level of Diff fluid also, isn't it 1.7 qts?

Sorry for the couple of questions. Just trying to do things right, and get the right mods.

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What are your goals/objectives?

That would probably help most people guide you in the right direction.

In regards to the Cam/Head package your better off going to an expert and getting a cam for your specific application.

Vendors who can help you would be,

Both are Well known and have great service.

The need for a clutch revolves around your driving style and goals.

I would say that your going to have a pretty stout driveline and the after your aformentioned parts are installed your clutch will be the weak link.

I beleave there some people driving around on the stock clutch still with a maggie, but when you start getting traction or going to the track the stock clutch will be short lived.

Just incase your having trouble finding the oil and diff fluid, I think you got the named mixed up but the correct name is "Royal Purple".

With Heads/Cam/Maggie and some bolt on I would start looking around for possible solution to your fueling system. Your going to need more then Larger injectors.

Additional mods I would do to aid in traction would be BMR Drag Bags and a Harrop Differential Cover. These would help reduce wheel hop which maybe a problem with a M6.

I do not know what amount of fluid goes into the diff off the top of my head but a quick search could get your answer. Just make sure the diff cover matches yours.


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Here are some suggestions...I'm giving you my personal oppinion here not just trying to sell you on products we carry. Hell, I'll recommend some of our competitors' products to you also! :)

The stock drivetrain holds up pretty well until you cross over 450-500hp. Daily beating from this much power just takes it's toll on the driveline. Your BMR choices are good.

With that increased power, your clutch will definitely be the weak point. Best clutch upgrades are the LS7 and Textralia. For your HP level, the textralia would probably be better suited for you.

I'm not going to bash another vendor or their product, but I would personally stay away from patriot heads. Head in the direction of Dart heads and you will have an awesome, affordable setup. PM-fl (as linked above carries these or we can help you out as well). :thumbs:

Roller rockers increase efficiency but are really not a power adder. Stay away from adjustable rockers, they are a PITA and not worth the trouble on these motors. Increased ratio essentially increase the lift of your cam although not as effectively...I suggest getting all the lift you need from your cam and leaving the rocker ratio stock. Ed Curtis (EDC) can help you out here...tell him I sent you ;)

Shoot us a PM or give us a call for the price on the Maggie, Kooks, etc....WE WON'T BE BEAT!!!

LS2PWR made some great for fueling, I would look in the direction of a better fuel pump (we can get you Walbro or Lingenfelter) and/or a boost-a-pump...personally, I'd go for the lingenfelter with a GM Truck Bucket while you are in there. Injectors would be a logical addition also.

Wheel hop WILL be an issue so drag bags will definitely help ALOT. The Harrop cover is great, but pricey. I'd get the drag bags, then see if you want to make more changes. Suspension changes are also going to help out wheel hop and handling so that's another option for you.

One more thing is traction...this will be your most limiting factor. Get some bigger wheels with some more meat on them. Depending on your application, possibly drag radials--you'll definitely need them for the track. Again, we can help you out ;)

Also, feel free to PM/email/call me with any questions on your setup. Even if you don't end up buying from us, I'd be glad to help you out. :thumbs:

Hope that helps you out some.


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I would think long and hard about your goals, heads on a maggie are not worth it IMO.

I am still running the stock heads on my setup.
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