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This is BS!

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I ordered my GTO on September 12th after contemplating it for at least a month, so yeah, I could have ordered a lot sooner. The very next day I immediately got a 1100 production status. Since then, it hasn't moved and after speaking to other members on the board here, many of them ordered after I did and will be getting their cars in February and March. Others just got a TPW of Mrach, which means they'll get their cars in May or so. I've been patient for so long, but now I'll be lucky to see it by June which is way too late. Waiting this long already sucks balls.

I realize there's been TONS of discussion about TPW's and such, but I'm so pissed right now, that I'm seriously considering pulling my order and getting something else. My dealership had a 500 deposit that was non-refundable but I figure since they haven't deposited that check yet, I'll just put a stop payment on it and be done with it.

Yeah, I read Danny's review on the car and pretty much every other review and there's no doubt in my mind it's an awesome car. Maybe after I calm down, I'll rethink it.......... AHHHHHHHH!
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It's NOT Pontiacs fault that your car hasn't been scheduled to be built. Your dealer hasn't received allocation for your car. They would have known this when you were in there to order your car. You need to call your dealer and find out if they have sold out their allocation and ordred your in hopes of recieving allocation for it. Let us know what happens with that call.
Yeah, they'll be hearing from me over my lunch hour. And they are getting the biggest allotment in Iowa as far as I know, which is nine. The last I spoke to the dealership was about 3 weeks ago and mine was number 5 or 6 at most. They asked for 10, and were alloted nine for sure. Not sure if they got the tenth one. I'll be sure and post once I know what the hell is up.
Which dealer did you order from? Just curious because I live in Iowa and ordered from Ramsey in Des Moines.
Good guess mdgto. I sent you a PM. After speaking with them just now, I'm apparently 4th in line - which probably puts me at a June-at-the-earliest delivery......... which sucks. They are WELL within allotment and I even think they have some left as I'm pretty sure one or two people may have backed out on their deposit.

You know anything I don't?
They might have been alloted 9 cars but it takes time for the allocations to actually come through and then your order number is picked up. The dealership knows how many cars they are "getting" but the allocations at least with my experience has been two to three cars at a time. No dealers were given the actual allocation numbers when they started producing the cars. This process takes time because it is not a vehicle that is being built in large numbers and is not being built stateside. Be patient is all I can tell you. If you have any further questions feel free to give me a call, I will chat with you and hopefully answer any questions you have.


Jason Feuerberg
Sewell Pontiac
Thanks for the info Jason. That explains a lot. Shows you how much I know. I appreciate the information and offer to call you. I think I'll be alright now, was just having a sh%$y day.

Sorry for the bad day. I really do hope that it gave you a different perspective on the situation. I also think this is a learning process for GM to have a vehicle that is so hot and wanted to have it built out of the country. The General lovers out there just are not used to the wait. Like I said feel free to call me anytime I like talking cars and especially the new GTO and that goes for anyone checking out this post. :D
Thanks for all your work.
I'm more writing this for any corporate people who may be following us but not posting. I think the problem is that Pontiac set up the 'Advanced Order' program - and many people signed up / put money down thinking they would be first on the list of getting cars, when in reality dealer allotment priority is the order being used for car delivery. From a business standpoint this may make sense. Joe here put money down for the car already and hasn't seen it - we know he'll buy it. Therefore lets get some cars in dealerships to sell that we don't know are sold. From a buyer perspective it just doesn't seem fair. Why should I participate in future advanced order programs when it seems I could go buy a car on a lot next week? Maybe any dealers with non-preorder cars will be charging over MSRP - but some of the preorder participants are anyway.
Mind you, I'm all OK with it since I'm hoping to keep my car out of the MI salt and snow anyway - but it just seems Pontiac could have set it up that actual buyers of the car before the first build date would get their cars first.
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Ill just throw in my two cents as Im still waiting for a TPW after 2 1/2 months after depositing my hard-earned USD 500. I would have thought that after going through all the trouble with "pre-ordering" and the fact that Pontiac put that program out to the press, Pontiac would have taken some degree of care in allocating the cars to the people who preordered, regardless of dealership. I see where cementmixer got a TPW of March which means he may get his car by June. Who knows when mine will come up. Ill tell you what, you can make a hell of a nice deal on a new Vette (38k), Mustang Mach 1 (19k) or X-Type (33k loaded) and drive it off the lot tonight. I hope Pontiac is reading this and re-looks at the pre-order folks, those who are willing to pay full MSRP (a first for me) and drive around their product telling everyone Pontiac is back, not that we got treated like suckers by GM. The thing about it being made overseas blah blah is spurious as there are cars going to dealers that are unsold as of today. Mr. Lutz, where are you???
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Well guys all I can tell you is how we are doing it at our dealership. We are getting the pre-orders waiting until we get an allocation and then putting the customers who is next on the list in that slot. I do not know how other dealers are doing it but that is the way we are doing it. The allocation process is something Pontiac does and for that matter every car maker that allows the dealer to place an order whether it be pre-sold or not. Jim I know that your order is next up on the list so hopefully we should see something soon. There really isn't a problem it is just how the process works again I am sorry that the process seems to be taking longer than most of you guys thought.
MDGTO and Edge, I have also ordered my car from Ramsey. They tell me I am second in line to get a car. I switched my order to them from Iowa City after transferring to Des Moines in July. It was somewhere around mid-month or so. I have a TPW of 12/17 and a 3300 status which changed from 11/24 & 3100 two weeks ago. When did you guys order yours?? It will be interesting to see if it's consistent. I guess we got the Iowa connection going tonight everybody, hide the sheep!!!:eek:
I know you guys must be hanging for your cars but here in Oz we often have to wait up to 6 months for delivery of our vehicles from Holden. They do tend to specify the longest delivery time so that if it turns up sooner the customer is really happy.
I ordered mine on 8/15 and I have a TPW of 1/19. I talked to the salesman today after edge posted and didn't get a very clear answer on exactly where I am in line. He was going to check and call edge and myself back. I was the third one he sold to and edge was the 4th, but I guess another salesman must have taken some orders also. I'll let you know when I find something more out.

In Iowa it's more like hide the pigs, we'll leave the sheep to the AUS guys.
Well if what I'm told is true we're 2nd 3rd and 4th, freakin amazing! They told me they are sticking to msrp religiously, how about you? They seem pretty good.
Yeah, I'm getting mine at MSRP also. The salesman was pretty clear that he didn't think it was right for the dealers to add on premiums.

If this is the Iowa connection thread, then I guess the subject is appropriate. We've got plenty of that.
I ordered mine on 8-1 and had a TPW shortly after of 11-24. It stayed the same for over 3 months with only the Status changing. Now all of a sudden they move it ahead 51 days to 1-14:eek: I wouldn't have thought to much if they would have changed 1 or 2 weeks, but 51 days that just blows my friggin mind!!! Why so long and then the sudden change? I'm going to try and contact a guy at Holden and see if he can give me some insight!:drink: :drink: :drink:
Apparently the first car to come in is a yellow one, and that it and possibly others for their lot are in the country now in transit, but he wasn't sure how much to believe. They will call with VIN info as soon as it's available. Keep your fingers crossed, they will probably get here just in time for The Great Blizzard of 2004!!
4TH GTO I agree with the 51 days part but I think the important thing is to have upgraded production status, I believe that if you're at 3300 or higher the ball is or shortly will be rolling. At least I hope so, being at 3300 myself. What good is a November or October TPW if it's December?? Doesn't do much good now, but if it's changed to December or January and your production status went up, then that's a good thing. That's the way I'm going to look at it anyway (mine was supposed to be 11/24). Trying to keep the cup half full!!

:eek: :drink: :eek: :drink: :eek:
britus56 and MDGTO

I ordered mine on September 12th (Friday) and had an 1100 production status the very next day (which means absolutely nothing) - after talking with Ramsey, they said I was 4th in line but originally they told me I was like 6th or 7th - How hard is it to get that right?

They seem pretty cool, I have nothing bad to say about them, as they are sticking to MSRP. Let me know when you guys get your cars, and hell, I may even see you guys if you stop in to see the Yellow one. Curious to see who gets that one if he's not on here already. They said they'd call the "GTO" guys when it comes in to drool at.

Still no TPW after 3 months and 3 days.....
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