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Just got the word that 235 BF-Goodrich tires. Was a little unsure if that is temporary in any way. sneaky
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Here is an email that Jim Hopson sent me back in July. My questions were as follows:

1) Early press releases from GM and specifically the LA Auto Show mention side air bags. More recently there is no mention of them. Will the 2004 GTO have them as the Holden Monaro does, standard?

2) Will the standard tires still be Goodyear RSA's?

3) I have ordered Impulse Blue with Blue interior. Will the entire seat be blue, or will it be black with blue inserts like the yellow GTO on the website?

4) Finally, I've heard anywhere from $30K to $35K on MSRP. Where do you see the GMS pricing with destination? That is, if you can say or know at this point.

Here are his answers:

I'll try to answer your questions...

Side air bags - We originally thought we would be able to include the air bags in the car, but have learned that the side air bag system used at Holden does not meet U.S. standards and can not be included in the 2004 model.

Standard tires - Still not completely certain on this point. I think we are leaning toward Goodrich tires at that moment. Better performance.

Seats - The entire seat will be blue.

MSRP - The final MSRP is going to be around $33K (including freight) with a $695 option price on the six-speed manual. I haven't seen any GMS pricing yet.

Hope this helps.

Jim Hopson
Pontiac-GMC Communication
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Pontiac might not give out the answers, but the cars are being built :) All info I receive is not from Pontiac.
It sure would be an upgrade from RSAs if they put 235/45R17 g-Forces on her. Of course, they would probably use the KDWS's and not the KDW's.
Being somewhat ignorant what is the difference between the two?:eek:
The KDW's are not M+S (mud and snow) certified and are made out of a softer compound for better dry and wet traction. You can read all about the BFG g-force line here:
Does anyone else here think that seems to be a rather skinny tire considering this type of car?
Received this today from Jim Hopson:


I appreciate your patience. I have a little more information for you, but
(unfortunately) not very much.

MSRP - We are not expecting the "final" pricing until mid-October. In all
of the discussions I have heard, the earlier estimate of about $33K MSRP is
holding true.

Mileage/Gas Guzzler - Still testing, so no new news on either of these two
items. My guess is that it could be October before we know for certain.

Tires - The car is going to ship with 245/45ZR17 BF Goodrich tires.

Not a lot of new info, I know, but feel free to contact me with any
additional questions.

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Thank you for the update!

I wonder why my sources said 235 BFG's
That is GREAT news! Thanks for sharing Chris.
Dayemm! That's great news. 245-45-17 BFGs and the pricing may still be around $33K. I hope that all ends up being true!
While searching Google (which found me this site) ran across a note in AdvanceAuto Parts site about first drive of a Production (less all badges) car. Jim Wanger who seems had something to do with original GTO/Pontiac. the car had gobs of torque, great brakes, Goodyear Eagle RSA 225-50R17's. His educated seat of pants was low5's 0-60, high 12's/107 quarter. Missed a shift and bent a couple of valves! In spite of rev limiter. All sounding good.\
I am surprised they didn't just stick with the the same Bridgestones that the Holden has on 18" wheels. I know something about Bridgestones and that particular tire has grip like you wouldn't believe, good wet braking traction and low noise. No way the RS-A handles like the Bridgestone, maybe the BFG would be decent, never tested them. A larger size than P225/50R17 would be nice too. The car will be sweet no matter what!
It appears confirmed now that the GTO will ship with 245/45ZR17 BF Goodrich KDWS tires.
Well that's cool I guess, at least the size is more aggressive.
britus56, 18s are still pretty rare. I think it is really good news that we are getting the 245/45/17s with decent BFG rubber.

The 225/50/17 GY RSAs would have been a nightmare!
225's (8.86" contact patch) + hard compound + 350 HP = Black Vapor where tires used to be.

Glad they (GM) came to their senses.
Actually I didn't necessarily want to see 18" wheels Davbo, I just wanted to see the Bridgestones, I know how they not only hook up nice but handle the wet and the day-to-day stuff too. It's still better news than what we had. Hopefully the BFG's will be good also, and there is alot more aftermarket availability in P245/45r17 than there is in P225/50r17. I suspect if they've already went up to the 245's it's going to be tough to go any larger.
cvp33 said:
225's (8.86" contact patch) + hard compound + 350 HP = Black Vapor where tires used to be.

That can be fun too!
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