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Tire recommendations for the street

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What tire really works on the street for you big hp guys? Not that I am big hp, but if it works for you guys, it'll work for me.

My Nitto NT05Rs worked well when new but after 1000 miles or so, they got hard (or something like it) and will not hook below third gear. No, they were not at the wear indicators/showing cords:bomb: anyting like that.

I'm looking for replacements. Tires will be spooned on a set of factory 17s.

I'm leaning really hard to the bias ply ET streets but have also been eying Hoosiers drag radials. I have even entertained the thought of running a slick but would like to avoid the tickets.:rules:

Being an M6 car, I prefer shock absorbing characteristics of the bias ply but don't know how they will feel going down the road/track.

Driving style is 99% boredom, 1% terror. I drive like a grandmother through corners. Car has never seen rain, never will. Not worried about hydro issues. I hit the track 1-3 times a year.

My main concern is getting it to hook on the street. Can anyone comment on how the tires I mentioned respond to wear (did they loose grip)?

Is there an obvious choice I am over looking?

Thanks guys. I appreciate the thoughts and comments.


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What tires are you running up front? I've heard bad things about mixing bias ply's and radials.
If I go bias ply, I'll put a set of front runners up front. Thanks for looking out for a fellow enthusiast!
Thanks for posting Sticks, I'm looking into the link.
like this one?:

LOL, glad the car doesn't have 19s on it!
Not not be a buzz kill or anything but isn't there other sections on the forum where this thread would properly go?? I just don't see where this fits in the kill section....
Because the only people in the wheel/tire section are asking what wheels will fit their cars and what works on the track may or may not work on the street. Who better to ask what works on the street than the street racers?
Thanks guys, not at all the answers I thought I would recieve but good info I'm sure. Always learning.
I called the Nitto customer service line today. The rep said I had the best tire for the application. Didn't really have an explanation. Said I was making too much hp.:lol:
Did she say it really sexy like? Did she sound "into" it? What was the number??
She was a he and he didn't sound sexy at all.:bomb:
I ran a set of 555Rs before the NT05Rs. They did the same thing on me (got hard). From what I have read, the 555 and 555R share the same compound but a different sidewall.

I'm willing to spend the extra money on a good tire. I just want something what will last more than a couple of months.

Looks like the Star Specs are hard to beat. I may have the factory tires pulled off my stock rims I have tucked away in the barn. Put the Star Specs on the factory wheels and put a set of MTs on my extra set.....then I'll end up running the MTs all the time and complain because they are getting hard on me LOL.
I'm telling you guys, no tire listed on this thread that isn't a drag radial can compete with the vredestein's performance.
Have you tried a set of the Star Specs or just a huge fan of the Vredestein's?
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