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Im looking to buy a set of wheels and tires. Im not sure what differates a good tire from a bad tire. But i would like some advice.

Im looking for 18s

from the sticky thread:
18x8 w/ a 245/40/18 tire - fit is perfect
18x9 w/ a 275/35/18 tire - fit is perfect

So thats what i will go with. Now The question is. Whats My best tire Option
Im looking for Really Comfy, Nice Cornering, Nice Grip dry and wet. I want them at least as good as the stock 17s in al those categories.

Links to tires would be most appreciated. But i wouldnt mind, Brand recommandations. Who to stay away from etc etc.

Treadwear is important two. As im gonna be putting probably 15-18 k a year, i dont wanna be buying new tires every year. 25-30 k would be appreciated. My rear stock tires dont look like they would make that. 19k now, looking pretty low and im not a smokey burnout guy just a 0-70 at every opportunity guy :D

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Can you really stuff a 275/40ZR18 under the rear? I work at a tire shop, And I just got some new General UHP Exclaims, "Second best rated tire for its class. But I havn't mounted them yet.
But if you get back to me with the Spex on the 275's that'd be great
Plus are those on stock wheels?
I mean could those be mounted on a stock wheel?

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the kdw is a smaller than average tire in that size. DONT try to put a michelin ps2 in the same size on the gto. It is a larger than average tire and won't fit.... on my 330ci, I had 275/35r18 rears in kdw new tread and they just slightly rubbed. With the michelin, they stuck out past my fenders because of the way the sidewall bubbles out.

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From your original post, you want a comfortable ride, great grip, great traction in both dry and wet, and you want it to last forever. Unfortunately, that just doesn't really happen.

There's a pretty strong correlation between grip and tire life - the grippier the tire, the more likely it'll wear quickly, for instance. Prioritize your needs and it's easier to find a good tire.

Do you live in an area where you get snow? If so, do you have two sets of tires (snow and summers)? Or do you want to live with the compromise of all seasons year round?

Ideally, unless you live in SoCal or Phoenix where it never gets below 50 degrees, you want to have two sets of tires at least - a set of summer tires/wheels, and a set of winter tires/wheels. Depending on how harsh your winters are, you will want either snow tires or all seasons on the winter set.

All seasons are a compromise - they don't work well in the snow (not as good as snow tires, at least) and they are a far cry from the grippy summer tires. However, if you don't get much snow, but do get cold temperatures, it may be worthwhile to use all seasons in the winter.

Summer tires tend to have compounds that harden into hockey pucks once it gets below about 40* F.

Depending on your price range, there are many good choices.

For bang-for-the-buck summer tires, you can't really beat Hankook RS2 Z212's. Kumho Ecsta MX's are another good choice. Both of these summer tires are fairly inexpensive and will last a while, but they don't have the best wet grip. The BFG KDW2's are decent tires, but they are pricey and you can get better performance for less, I think.

For good performance in the dry all seasons, Pirelli P-Zero Nero M&S's are nice, but pricey. They are so so in the snow. I have Falken Ziex ZE512's and they are inexpensive and fairly grippy for an all season, but they have soft sidewalls (makes for a less crisp turn in) and wear quickly if you drive hard on them.

The General Exclaim UHP's only claim to fame is their price.. but you can get Kumho Ecsta SPT's for just $4/more a tire, which beat the Generals in every performance category.

As I said elsewhere, you can't really go by tire manufacturer. Every manufacturer makes good tires and crap tires. Even within specific 'lineups' of tires, you can see a huge spectrum of performance. Bridgestone Potenzas range from the crappy all-season RE92 to the extremely good summer RE070. There are actually a few different kinds of Pirelli P-Zero Nero - one is an M&S rated tire, one is a summer tire that just won't work in the snow.

If you want to do some of your own research, look at Tirerack's instrumented tests. The surveys and 'reviews' by individual people are very unreliable. You can also look up instrumented tests in magazines like Grassroots Motorsports.

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Michelin Exalto A/S
Had them on the Stratus and they worked beautifully.

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