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tire size

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has anyone determined what the stock tire size will be? the brochure says 225/50"s but the motortrend review sais 245/45's.
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The tires are 245/45ZR17 BF Goodrich gForce KDWS

I appreciate the response, I'm new to this method of communication ( computer) and am not quite sure of all the nuances. Any way, thanks for the info, I'm awaiting my Quicksilver M6 probably in Feb or Mar
No problem. Welcome to the board. Everyone here is pretty darned friendly:D
I was lol at some of the chatter about the "undercarriage lights", I'm not saying it's gay, but it's pretty tacky. I had a '65 goat back in '73, 389 with 3 2's and a borg warner t10, I really hope my new one will be half as fun. I have a 2002 Grand Am gt that I bought new and am trying to sell now . It has only 5,800 miles on it and has never seen rain or snow. I;ll probably get beat up by the dealer on a trade in because I can't seem to find a buyer.
Welcome aboard. We may be friendly but we are also quite insane waiting for our cars.

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
Welcome aboard. We're just waiting in line here and keeping Tails on his feet!!:drink: :drink: :drink:
Here is a pic of them

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Bobby wrote "I;ll probably get beat up by the dealer on a trade in because I can't seem to find a buyer."

I was going to trade in my car at the dealer here in CA, and of course they offered rock bottom. Not sure where you live, but I took it over to Car Max where they will buy your car even if you don't buy one of theirs, and they offered me $1500 more than the dealer. You should look into it, especially with the low miles.
I've tried the CarMax thing, but they usually insulted me just as much as the dealer did.

Your best route is to try to sell it outright first. The dealer will never give you the fair amount for the vehicle because that's all the can ask for too and they have to build some profit in after "turning around" the vehicle. That is the term for costs invested into reconditioning the vehicle for resale no matter how perfect it may be.
Assuming the pa is for Pennsylvania how in the world did you put 5800 miles on a car and avoid rain or snow for every one of them. That could not have been easy.
A lot of us around these northern parts buy winter beaters and subject them to to rigors of cold, snow, ice and the worst enemy to the automobile....road salt instead of our babies. :D
I have several other cars including a '77 malibeast as my winter ride. I 'm sure I'll fit in with what seems to be a bunch of car fanatics, and I'm so excited about getting the new goat.. can't wait. Thanks for the advice on unloading my GT.. I have it on autotrader .com and am hoping someone will sense a good deal.:)
Shoot, in '64 when I got my GTO we went back to the dealer for its 2500 mile checkup ( lot shorter then). He said, " My God what have you been doing." It was 3 weeks after picking it up. 5800? No problem.;)
Yeah, I hear ya, they're made to be driven, but I also enjoy keeping my vehicles as pristine as possible at the same time. ( no chance of undercarriage chicken lights) I have a restored '73 Cheyenne Super 10, and a '78 BMW with 70,000 originals that I literally bought from a little old lady. I'll drive my new goat but it will never see weather.:cool:
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