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Seeking a infrared/laser pyrometer and a good quality tire pressure gauge.

For the pyrometer (I am staying away from probe type for now), it seems like they all go +/- 1% and run on a 9 volt battery. So basically there is the same integrated circuit in every dang one of them. Experiences welcome. Secondhand 'friend of a friend' stories entertained.

For the tire pressure gauge I am looking for made in USA, Germany, Switzerland or Japan. I don't really care what the analogue dial shows when the gauge is pressed to a tire inflated to a NASA spec 35psi.

What I want is a gauge worth having calibrated annually, and rugged enough to last for years inside its factory provided hard case when I am not corner weighting a car.

Been to longacreracingdotcom. $50-150 for the tire pressure gauge is doable. $399 is out of line. I can manage with a 2" gauge face.

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