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Been lurking for a few Months, made a few posts and been looking for a GTO. I originally wanted something with light mods and lower miles on a M6 but struggled to find something decent at all. most cars had well over 100k and bad paint and not taken care of. Then randomly on a local GTO/G8 FB group a guy was looking for a Auto and a M6 popped up. 4 hours away and we had issues syncing up with work and life schedules. well 3 1/2 weeks later I went down and picked up.

107k miles, M6. Interior is spotless. very little wear on the seat at all. No rips, no headliner issues etc.

Motor was built back in 2018. current miles was 89k them. The car put down 486whp. I'm getting it re tuned in a few weeks and a new exhaust as the SLP loud mouth I hate the sound and was hung very wrong as you can see.

I replaced the rear valance with black one, it was missing on the car when I bought it. and also re did the badges black.

The bad, need new front bumper and paint, the paint chips are horrible and clear around the hood vents are slowly starting. The front bump has a huge dent in it from something and cracked. AC compressor is bad and radius bushing need replaced. Overall I didn't think that was too bad of items to fix.

The car is super fun to drive and my neighbors hate for me now. I'm hoping with a new tune at a better shop that I should crack 500 with the build. I made spreadsheet with all the parts from receipts and what else was done to it with the build I listed below.
Lunati Voodoo H-Beams LS Rods 70361251-8 - 6.125" x 2.100" x .927"
CP Bullet LS 4.030 Bore 4.000 Stroke -3.0cc Flat top Piston and ring kit
Pace Setter PSM-70-2258 Long tube headers 1 3/4
CPI-AP031N-CS24 1 piece seal internal Balance Forged 4340 Steel, 4.0in Stroke 2.100in 24x Crankshaft
Loud mouth exhaust
Hinson Aluminum Driveshaft 800hp
ex manufold gaskets
cylinder head gasket
AD)-12553118 harmoic balancer 7.250in
Clevite H-Series main bearing set
Clevite H-Series rob bearing set standard
TSP Camshaft 235/248 .649"/.615" 111 LSA 109.5 ICL
TSP 7.40 Chromoly Pushrods
TSP .660 dual valve spring kit
199-Tiret PRC Titanium retainer
97-tvs-2187p-PAC polished .660 dual valve spring, nano peended 160lbs @ 1.80", 415lb @ 1.15", CB @ 1.015"
TSP integrated seat and seal for dual springs
GM 4x Three bolt timing chain upper sprocket
ARP Camshft bolt kit
GM High Performance oil Pump,Wet Sump
TSP camshaft gasket/ARP bolts
Harmonic balancer bolt
TSP Time cover gasket
TSP Front crank seal
TSP water pump gasket
LS7 clutch
LS3 manifold
LS3 heads
LS3 fuel rails
60lbs injectors
KN Intake
new rear main plate and seal
new throw out bearing and pilot
new u joints and re-balanced


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Nice car. Paint looks very clean for miles. Great find.
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Nice car. Paint looks very clean for miles. Great find.
Yea beside the front end, the rest of the paint is really nice. Few small chips around the door handles, but when I do the front end next year I’ll get those re done as well.

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