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tracker page

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wow that tracker page sure is handy :) sorry just glad i have a vin#
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So wouldn't your car be at the dealer with a 5000 status???
The shipping of these cars are so messed up with them being imported who knows. Not all the 5000 cars are at the dealership....but they are on their way.
I heard they are adding some new codes for the GTO to do with status such as being loaded on and off the ship. I saw my status today and it went 5000 (back dated to 17Nov and 4Dec both) then I believe 4200 and then 4800 both on the 4th of Dec. It was very confusing to look at and I do not blame any dealer who is baffled by the info they are receiving. Hopefully we all have cars soon and the wait is over.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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