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Need to know if this is standard or a problem. When I have the T/C on and
start to power brake, the engine really cuts back and boggs down once I reach about 13-1400 rpm. With it off, I can rev it till the tires spin. Is this just the T/C sensing imminent wheel spin, therefore cutting power? If this
isn't a problem, it makes getting a launch with the T/C on limited to about a 1200 rpm take-off. Thanks.

Knight Errant
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Torque Management defeat (well, almost)

T/C to off gets rid of Traction Control. Getting rid of the Lion's share of Torque Management is almost as simple, but nowhere near as obvious with the A4 4L60-E HD. Do this if you want to see the automatic really perform, and be aware you do it at your own risk. There are parts that won't appreciate this too much in the drivetrain. I can only wince at the torque loading. Disable T/C and put the gear selector in 3, foot off the brake, and jam the gas to the firewall. That's it, that's all there is to it. I did it today myself borking around with stuff and methods trying to get a good launch and was becoming exasperated with the softened launches, and was surprised by the hard launch and seeming firmer shifts caused by locking out the overdrive and converter lockup. It felt like a good TH-400. I got the same really hard 'thunk' the stick guys do from the rear end center section for the very first time, the car squatted hard in the rear, the front pitched up, the engine howled in delight, the tires screamed in protest, and we were off like a raped ape.

The following 'word' is passed from the good guys at Clay Chevrolet;

"Re: 'Tricking the brain'...our Vette mechanic, Gunther
related that very info to me the day that you told me you had
bought the GTO & I thought I told you about it...
That's how the Vette guys do it without disabling
the 'system' totally..."

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