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I would like to get some modest tuning done to my Stock A4. One of the things I would like to have changed is the shifting performance. From the searching I did it looks like the Torque Management, Shift Point, Rev Limit, and/or Shift Firmness settings need to be adjusted.

Can anyone give me some pointers on the specific settings that need to be adjusted and how much to change the settings?

I will be looking over the shoulder of an Authorized MagnaCharger Installer/Tuner when I get these updates made and just wanted to make sure that I understand what are the changes that should be made before I go in.

I also see that adjusting the Fan Settings might be a good idea.
What would you do with this setting? Just have them kick in at a lower temp? What would be a good temp setting on a stock A4? Can we have them stay on for 2-3 minutes after the engine is shut off?

Are there any other changes you would suggest I make while I am at it?
I have Auto-Tap so I can monitor any engine related tweaks.

BTW - These updates will most likely not be done on the Dyno. So keep that in mind when replying.

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