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Just a quick list of Turbo Build Threads and some results threads, Will Update this as i find more, NicD, Perdieu, if you guys have a thread and i missed it, please let me know.

The GForce Turbo Build

Hydrostream Front Mount, Passenger side, Custom Log manifold

Rex's HX55 Front mount, Driver side

BlwnLs1 Homade TT build, Flipped Truck Manifolds

SOFAKINGGR8's Twin Turbo flipped truck manifolds

Jax04 TC78 front mount, Pasenger side

Ericwilloughby’s Rearmount turbo Build thread

wrekonize v8 klr Single Turbo Build

MM Alexander Twin RearMount

Ironmancan 370 CI Twin Turbos with AFR 245's Freshen up Thread

MEAN GTO Custom Twin Turbo C6 Manifolds flipped forward

BBGTO APS with LG Twin Turbos (408, 4L80e, etc)

blkvzss Twin Turbo- Holden Build

KYTP front mount single TC78 turbo

Ebay GTO Kit- Single Front Mount Driver Side

AceofSpades Custom Twin Turbo Front Mount (click photbucket links in thread for Pics)

06GTObuyer STS Twin Rear Mount

LS!NOVA UltimateGto Twin Turbo 427 C6 Manifold Front Mount

95Bowtie Custom Rearmount build

Jesters T6 Borg Warner S478 Front Mount Build

BlackPeral Custom 05 rear mounted GTO

MM Alexander's Twin Rear Mount, NEW STYLE

Maiden69's 04 Single front mount PTE 7065

DestiniLabels's Twin Turbo GTO build

St.Mary's "Just another front mount" TC78, Driver side Log style

MM Alexanders new- Front Mount _ "Flipped" Truck Manifolds ... My "Take" On The Design

NicD's Gen TTR Install Thread

1 Slow Goat A4's 4.8 Home made 70mm Front mount build, driver side.

S M R's My Custom Twin Turbo Build

RENTKO's Twin Turbo Build

95bowtie's new TC78 front mount build

Schmen's Twin turbo BW S300's C6 manifolds 20 PSI

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Hey who was the guy that built the twin rear mount setup making ridiculous power in the 2000HP range while getting like 30 MPG? I have been searching for threads and youtube videos but none come up.

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Too bad Photobucket is a bunch of greedy assholes and 99% of these pics don't work anymore.
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