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My car came with a KN CAI, should I switch to the OTR style?
I have the KN myself and I am not a fan. You can go with the OTR style like VCM or X-Air to get maximum horsepower, but you might have to trim some stuff including radiator donuts and fan shroud. Also not a fan of how it looks under the engine bay, unless you spend big bucks at Bohnman custom to get a nice custom radiator cover (you will have to drile a hole for the 05-06 for the windshield washer reservoir).

If you want to keep it simple, I would look into the Cold Air Inductions system that comes in an enclosed box and seems to be of great quality. That is the route I am personally going with since I won't be going for the fastest quarter mile time. You can even do an IAT relocation on top of that.
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