These are KYB struts that have fairly low miles, probably less then 5,000. Not sure, but I haven't driven the car much since installing. They were on my 04 for a couple of years until I swapped suspension stuff again. The spring tops are in pretty decent condition, bellows are ok, upper insulators ok. I don't remember if the bump stops were ok since it's been a while since i took them apart to install new strut mounts, but they should be considering the mileage. Swapped a new set of GTOG8TA "improved" rubber strut mounts and bearings on since the originals were collapsed, so the strut mounts and bearings are both brand new. Hit them with a little paint so they wouldn't rust in storage, if that wasn't obvious enough.

These should be a good set to swap right in if your current struts are shot.

These are $200 + shipping. I imagine shipping shouldn't be too much more than shipping a set of cylinder heads.