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Victorville Goats...

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...saw a few of yall last week. I was at George Air Base (So Cal Logistics Airport) doing ramp inspections. Didn't have much time to do anything with the hectic schedule but was amazed to see how much VV grew since I left there back in 89.

I might be heading down that way again towards the end the month with the Goat. Honk or throw me a rev if you see Blk 04 that looks lost or out of place :)
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i go up there from time to time!!
As do I.
Same here. :gears:
Cool, me and the wifey look forward to going down there and hope to meet up with some of you.

She grew up in Orange and lived in Huntington Beach for a while so we’ll drive through there also.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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