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Waiting for delivery

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On Monday December 22, 2003 I decided to place my order at my local delearship. The salesman assured me "AROUND" a three month wait to take delivery for my GTO. I can deal with three months, but after reading the posts on the website, I am really starting to wonder about Pontiac. Some of you have placed your orders more than three months ago, and have not heard anything from Pontiac regarding delivery times and or where in transit the vehicle is. Then trying to contact customer service, and getting definative answers from a rep is like trying to fit a Saint Bernard through a cat door, just not happening. I have been reading alot about TPW, what is that exactly? Is it related to the order status? To those lucky individuals who have taken possession of their GTO, congrads. If possible could you give some feedback on your driving experiences so far with the new GTO?
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Where in Mass are you? I'm also in Mass near Boston.:D :thumbs:
TPW=Target Production Week

You can read danny760's and maghut's impressions on this board. Just do a quick search.
3 months just ain't gonna happen. I ordered mine on June 4 and my tpw was mid sept and still no GTO. I assume deliveries will pick up shortly since they now have thousands of GTO's in the states but so far nothing. Only a few delivered in California so far. For me the wait hasn't been as bad as others because it is winter in Wisconsin and I'm just using the extra time to save money for more mods when it finally arrives, but if it was to be your main car this would be a very sad state of affairs.
Thanks for the answer. I reside in the Berkshires, western MA. I can't believe that Pontiac is taking so long to deliver the orders. I am wondering what the Pontiac logic is using by not being forthright with delivery status relyed to the customers. That is such a great way of doing business by having the customer having to track down their own order(NOT!!!). It seems the way this is going, I can't see many future GTO owners recommending going to a Pontiac dealer for business. Try Ebay instead......Didn't someone post they thought they saw their GTO they ordered at a dealer up for grabs on Ebay?
Hi TprGTO, Try calling around to as many dealers near you as you can. I have a deposit on 2 GTO's now. My first one was supposed to be here mid December but it did not even get built (TPW) until the first week of Dec. :( So when I found this out I called about 30 dealers and many of them have GTO's coming without any buyers for them. :confused: Fortunately I was able to locate the exact car I had ordered previously at a dealer about 100 miles away. It is already built (TPW 9/25/03) and in California waiting to be shipped via rail. :D I should have it in early January with any luck. :thumbs:
I basically did the same thing. When I found out that my original order was just not going to happen I placed several calls and found one with a TPW of 10/29. It is in port and I figure I should have it within a month. Problem in this area is anything not a preorder is over MSRP. To many Microsoft Millionaires in the area.
:drink: :drink:
Every dealer that I talked to is asking MSRP for the cars they have coming in. :confused:
I took your advice Superwildcat regarding calling around to other dealers. I contacted a dealership in New York, and guess what, they have a window sticker and best of a are reading this correctly...a black/black auto that is in Los Angeles. Due in the showroom in two days. I wanted the Impulse blue, but after reading about the wait times, I think I am going to get the black.
Thats great to hear! :D Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. My dealer (the 2nd one) has the window sticker, MSO and everything except the car. What is the TPW of the car you found? :confused: Mine is 9/25/03 and is the same color combo I was looking for. :D :D
You in Williamstown, North Adams, Pittsfield?? I went to Williams.

This walk in, order car that is unsold, TPW September and car on way for delivery couple weeks will surely make those of us who have already waited 6 months, and maybe many more a tad upset, but good luck. Hope your dealer is not blowing smoke. Soon however, there will be a bunch of unsold cars in dealers so this is going to be more common near future.:)
Fastest, best way to get a GTO:
Walk in to a dealer and buy one!

Worst way:
Advanced Order Program. Put down a deposit and wait 6+ months for your car to arrive! Does anyone but me feel the "Advance Order Program" was just a way for Pontiac to test the market and see how many people would bite and buy one sight unseen just on the GTO name alone? Unless Pontiac does something to reward all the loyal "Advance Order Program" people for their wait while others are driving their GTO's bought off the showroom floor my feelings about "Pontiac Cares" will take on a different meaning. I wish all you guy's the best of luck in getting your cars and once you do I hope after all the problems involved in getting one you enjoy the car! Sure was a great way to show the world how to launch a new vehicle.

Good luck!
I must clarify one item I mentioned earlier, I called back and to ask the salesman a question and he stated "It will arrive by next week." I could have heard him wrong, but I could swear he stated to me the first time we spoke "In two days it will arrive." Only time will tell. To answer your question Superwildcat, I did not ask what the TPW was, but I will be sure to ask when the salesman calls back. He stated as soon as the wheels touch the pavement at the dealership, he would call. After going to this forum, and after reading about all the horror stories, I hope he is not blowing smoke. If the car arrives as scheduled and more are due to arrive, I will talk to the salesman, and if he agrees, I will give the name of the salesman and the dealership phone number to hopefully get your hands on an actual GTO. Will keep you posted.
TprGTO,The dealer delivery date is supposed to be 60-90 days from TPW so keep that in mind when you talk to him.:slap:
For those of us that ordered them in June remember, they didn't start building them until September - that's why we've been waiting 6 months.

If I get my car this week sometime I'll be over the 90 days, but not by much. I guess what I'm saying is that now the HARD part is over GM should be able to meet the 60-90 day rule from TPW.

Make sure that when you order from your dealer they don't string out giving you a TPW date very, very soon after you plunk your money down!
Kbaba, you are right. But when I ordered first of June I did realize could be end of year to get the car, but I also expected the preorders to be built, shipped and delivered first or at least timely, and with the updates promised. Not happening to me and a lot of others too. Soon am hoping though. They are in the pipeline here now. Bugs me that unsold cars are delivered to dealers who are putting them on Ebay before the preorders are delivered.:(
I recieved a call from the dealership salesmen today. (Very excited!!!!) I am going to the dealership tommorrow to have him look at my 2004 Grand Prix that I am trading in, and to complete the bill of sale. Will be posting pics when I bring her home. The GTO should arrive by next Tuesday.

I agree with you - the pre-order folk should get their cars FIRST - That's why I participated in that program. GM doesn't even mention that program anymore - must be because they let us all down and don't want to hear about it...

Bottom line: They view it as if they were doing us a favor, they'll sell all of these things they can make and don't care about a few disgruntled owners.
I spoke with the salesmen and he told me something that surprised me. Retail orders are taking presidence over pre-orders. So you might try calling around to local dealers to try and find a retail GTO. This makes me wonder why even started with the pre-order program. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. Another tidbit of info, the Holden plant is supposed to be shutting down for two to three weeks for their winter break according to the salesmen.
TprGTO said:
Another tidbit of info, the Holden plant is supposed to be shutting down for two to three weeks for their winter break according to the salesmen.
actually its our summer break..... not winter
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