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DJI Phantom 2, V2.0
Less than one year old, professionally owned and maintained for my aerial photography business. I'm an FAA-Approved commercial operator, this rig was not abused in any way.
Modified with a premium FPV system which allows image/video transmission for distances greater than one mile (control range loss before video transmission). Includes spare batteries that allow for 45-60 minutes of flight time, depending on flying style. Pelican case included (fits in overhead compartments on flights). Included a few photos I've captured with this.

DJI Phantom 2, V2.0 ($800)
Three DJI Batteries, all in excellent health ($130, x3)
DJI Zenmuse 3-Axis Gimbal (Compatible with GoPro Hero 3 or 4) ($300)
HD Monitor ($200)
5.8 GHZ Video Transmission System, including on-screen telemetry of battery, satellite, distance, heading, etc) ($300)
FPVLR Antennas ($130)
Several other antennas for different use situations ($100)
Pelican Case with pre-plucked foam ($200)

All of this for $850 OBO. All of the commercial FAA registration labels will be removed prior to sale.

For an additional $350, I will include the following:
GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition ($500)
PolarPro Filters (polarizing, neutral density x2) ($50)
64GB Ultra-High Speed MicroSD Card ($50)
Few other GoPro accessories (Frame Mount, Sticky Mount, Handheld Grip, so you can use it other places besides just the drone) ($50)

Total for everything: $1200 OBO.

Nametag Photo. Some items in this photo are NOT included (plastic box on right, hard drive on left)

A few sample photos that I've taken with this rig:

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