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Which interior option do you prefer the most:

  • BLACK leather / ORANGE inserts / ORANGE stitching

  • BLACK leather / ORANGE inserts / ORANGE piping

  • Black leather / BLACK insert w/ ORANGE perforations / ORANGE piping

  • Black leather / BLACK ALLIGATOR inserts / ORANGE piping

Wanting some opinions of possible interior choices (POLL)

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Currently, I have Wet Okole seat covers and I really like them a LOT. They look cool, but the copper piping turned pink in the sunlight :-( . I will have the seat covers custom embroidered to have the GTO logo on them, but I want to have a silver border and a copper interior on the enbroidery. These are my seat covers (which look better in person).

Eventually, I'm going to be chaning up my interior and I'm looking for some opinions on what sort of leather seat coverings I could get. I have my favorite one, but I'm not 100% sure if I even want to do this (yet). I kinda wanted to make my car look a little more like what you coulda / shoulda been able to order from Pontiac. The charcoal seats are fine, but I wanted to make it a little more unique. I'm partial to the piping. I was going to add some interior accents and the piping is going to (possibly) continue on other items I have to make for the car.

So, here are some exaples of leather seat covers I'd like you all to consider.

BLACK Leather / ORANGE insert / ORANGE stitching:

Automotive tire Automotive design Tire Font Automotive wheel system

BLACK leather / ORANGE insert / ORANGE piping:

Brown Furniture Chair Armrest Comfort

Wheel Automotive tire Automotive design Orange Font

BLACK leather / BLACK leather insert w/ ORANGE perforations / ORANGE pipng:

Automotive design Armrest Chair Auto part Comfort

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle

BLACK leather / BLACK ALLIGATOR inserts / ORANGE piping:

Automotive design Armrest Comfort Chair Vehicle

Vehicle Car Automotive tire Font Vehicle door
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Do these leather kits come with the section between the rear 2 seats? I'm interested in getting a kit as well, but definitely need one that also has the piece that goes between the two rear seats... For that matter, is the rear basically one big piece, or is it 3 pieces (each seat plus the middle)?
1 piece for all the back and 1 piece for the seats. Two total
Orange perforations! Keeps it subtle without eye bleeding orange inserts imo.

Those monaro seats are fugly
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They do have both copper and silver stitching available. I'm probably thinking that will be a good choice. I'm also going to contact a few local shops and see what they would charge for a custom job. I'm sure it will be more.

Either that or orange hexagonal or diamond stitching. The only thing wrong with the diamond stitching, is it's kind of a fad right now. There are a few Aussie's who have done some custom interior work and gotten diamond stitching. There are quite a few cars I've seen who have it-especially on car show circuits. I believe there were some Holdens, where diamond stitching, but I think those were on the VE / VT platforms. I don't want something too CRaY-crAy. Just the area where the insert would be.

View attachment 526654

This was my first inclination. What I'm probably going to do is either orange insterts, or I may have orange & tangerine hexagonal stitching done for the insert (and then for the door cards - to match).

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Diamond isnt my thing. But my preference is perforated (id rather have cloth seats any day). Like the hex pattern though.
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Those would breathe better! I'd bet you could get some sort of seat made using some sort of cloth. It would probably be cheaper and easier to install.
I already got them ;) by selling the gto and going to a wrx. AWD, turbo, 4 doors, and a usable trunk.
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