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Which interior option do you prefer the most:

  • BLACK leather / ORANGE inserts / ORANGE stitching

  • BLACK leather / ORANGE inserts / ORANGE piping

  • Black leather / BLACK insert w/ ORANGE perforations / ORANGE piping

  • Black leather / BLACK ALLIGATOR inserts / ORANGE piping

Wanting some opinions of possible interior choices (POLL)

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Currently, I have Wet Okole seat covers and I really like them a LOT. They look cool, but the copper piping turned pink in the sunlight :-( . I will have the seat covers custom embroidered to have the GTO logo on them, but I want to have a silver border and a copper interior on the enbroidery. These are my seat covers (which look better in person).

Eventually, I'm going to be chaning up my interior and I'm looking for some opinions on what sort of leather seat coverings I could get. I have my favorite one, but I'm not 100% sure if I even want to do this (yet). I kinda wanted to make my car look a little more like what you coulda / shoulda been able to order from Pontiac. The charcoal seats are fine, but I wanted to make it a little more unique. I'm partial to the piping. I was going to add some interior accents and the piping is going to (possibly) continue on other items I have to make for the car.

So, here are some exaples of leather seat covers I'd like you all to consider.

BLACK Leather / ORANGE insert / ORANGE stitching:

Automotive tire Automotive design Tire Font Automotive wheel system

BLACK leather / ORANGE insert / ORANGE piping:

Brown Furniture Chair Armrest Comfort

Wheel Automotive tire Automotive design Orange Font

BLACK leather / BLACK leather insert w/ ORANGE perforations / ORANGE pipng:

Automotive design Armrest Chair Auto part Comfort

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle

BLACK leather / BLACK ALLIGATOR inserts / ORANGE piping:

Automotive design Armrest Comfort Chair Vehicle

Vehicle Car Automotive tire Font Vehicle door
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None of the above. Copy the Fusion Orange Monaro style.
Here's my dilemma.

I REALLY (like "a LOT REALLY") want the GTO logo on the seats. I know some people who can do the custom embroidery on the seats (using silver and copper thread). In the right light, the car sorta looks like fresh, new copper. When I had the seat covers done, I wasn't too crazy about them. After the custom embroidery, it looked SO awesome.

So, that's going to happen. Problem is, if that sort of embroidery is done on an orange seat back, it's going to get lost. I really like the "GTO" on the seat. In my head, it has to be done on a black or super dark charcoal seat back. If I had the embroidery done in black, or a darker color (like what was done on the stock red and blue GTO seats), if I did an orange seat back with black "GTO", it would probably look pretty good too. Problem is, I I want the silver / copper embroidery more than the orange seats. I still want orange on the seats, but no so much it draws away from the other custom touches I'm in the process of figuring out how to make.

It doesn't help that I don't care for the way the orange Monaro seats look inside of the car. I love the way Abs's look in blue. If that would have been a option from the factory, I don't know how ANYONE could have NOT bought these cars back in the day. The interior (minus the steering wheel) was so beautiful, that would have sold these cars in droves!!!

I was hoping this thread could solve a dilemma that I've been mulling over for a while now. I'm probably not doing the piping, as I can see, the stitching will be visually acute enough, to be seen. I want some orange leather, but not so much it detracts away from the other accents I'm going to make.
So why not do it like the example posted above where it has orange inserts but the top insert in the back is black? Best of both worlds from what you've been saying you want.
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