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hi all,

i'm getting some really odd noise from my new eu-700s i installed on the rear deck. it's almost a popping/gurgling sound, and i get it even with the gain turned all the way down, and the fader set all the way to the front (i.e. little to no signal going to the amp).

power wire is run direct from the battery (with an in-line fuse of course)
remote is connect by one prong of a spade terminal inserted into the yellow wire of the cell phone connector.
ground is one of the small bolts at the top of the gas tank. i ground all hte paint off really well with a dremel, but still don't feel great about this location.

signal is taken from the terminals that used to be plugged into the rear quarter speakers (i've read this is a full-range signal--does anybody know for sure?), and goes into the speaker level inputs on my amp. the right side runs parallel to the power wire for about 3 or 4 feet, but it's pretty much unavoidable--and if this was the source of the noise, only the right speaker would make the noise, but both do.

here's the kicker--when i played a 0db 2kHz test tone through a pair of old coaxial speakers i use for gain setting, the sound came through loud and clear. no noise, no problems. this would lead me to believe my eu-700 subs are defective, but somehow i doubt it. it really sounds like a ground noise issue to me.

any thoughts?
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