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Have replaced some of the suspension on the wife's YJ, rear springs, front & rear end links, and strut rod bushings. Have front springs & strut bushings still to install.
Driving it the other morning, every little bump in the street caused a pretty loud skwerking noise, coming from the front. Best description of the noise I got, can't even spell ontomatopia according to spell check. Seemed like if I'd run over a pebble, would make that noise. Darn annoying.
Well, went to a sale, what I wanted was gone exc for the trenching shovel, but some guy got a 57? nailhead long block for $20 (!) Driving home, didn't make a sound. Car had been driven on freeway for a few miles and then in the hood for another one, so fully warmed up when I got back in. Didn't notice it make a sound on the way home.
? ?
any thoughts on what might be going on?

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i had something similar happen after i swapped in rear king springs w/ new drag bags. literally happened only on the first test drive and never happened again.
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