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I keep seeing amazing looking body kits for gtos. Yet the only ones for sale are uglier than the car before the kit. were are the sweet ones with the inverts like that orange one thats around? The fender flares like the red one that i seen that looks like a bmw?

heres a pic of one of them

this one im not sure if its a gto but its shaped just like one

weres the rear fenders from that one? weres the front fenders?
how come everything sick is not for sale and everything ugly is like 1000?

i cant find the link but i just seen a 10,000$ front bumper

what the hell is wrong with the market for these cars? why do people refuse to sell good looking body kits? I mean... 600$ for a lip bumper? with no other modification to the factory bumper? they couldnt do something else? maybe a stick on lip which is very very common. Im beginning to hate my car because of this BS. I cant buy any mods because they want thousands of dollars for the cheapest shit available. I should just buy an older TA.. this is getting real aggrivating. As much as i love my car im really getting frustrated at the worlds hatred towards a gto. You can buy body kits for TAs camaros Mustangs 350z stis and every other car on the market real cheap. but 10,000 for a gto bumper.. this shit is really getting on my nerves. I can buy a much nicer car for 50 gz that it is gonna cost me to do any upgrades whatsoever on this pos (but i still love it) is this frustrating anyone else? I could have copped out the cash for a z06 by the time im done upgrading this things body and wheels... very weak. Now i wouldnt even be able to sell it privately cause noone wants them and i cant sell it to a dealer cause ill probably only get like 12 gz for it. very very frustrating. cant upgrade, cant downgrade.

and to top it all off, you cant get wider tires, our struts rub from the factory everyone hates our suspension front end sides and rear end. seems like every mod i try to get no matter what it is has a problem because its a GTO. What kind of idiot builds a car with tires that close to the strut?My moms z28 is like 2 feet from the strut. Horrible horrible building. and all body kits after spending 20 gz your car still doesnt even look as good as most cars on the road. This is the only car ive ever seen that has the tires even close to the strut. The supra also is like a foot away from the strut but somehow they managed to only give us 2 mm? Im beginning to think i made a mistake despite everyone telling me i was doing so.
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