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Since every one liked it so much, i am going to post the recipe for it.
U will need a turky sized deep fryer to cook all the things up in. I make about 5 gallons at a time. Listed is what you will need.

2 gallons apple juice
2 gallons apple cider
1 can thing of cinnamon stickes
Now start warming it up. When it reaches about 100 degrees add
2 cups dark brown sugar
2 cups light brown sugar
Keep cooking and stiring every now and then.
Add a few dashes of cinnamon powder. Not alot.
Cook until it starts to boil, around 225 should be enough.

Now let it cool.
What i do to speed this up is grab one of thoose big round cooler buckets/tubes you would put a keg or somthing in. Add alot of ice, water, and some salt. Now put the tank of mix into to let it cool faster.
One cooled to around 100 degrees you will now add the alcohol

1.75 litre of Absolute Vodka (the big bottle)
1.5 litre of Ever Clear Vodka.....or less if you want it a little weak.

Now use the emtpy jugs and fill them up with the completed beverage.....
And presto.....You now have Homemade Apple Pie......


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Now thats good drinikng.. :D

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Just dont overdrink it though. I did that once, not too good. But then again, it was also new years eve. Hope everybody enjoys it.
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