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what about dallas?

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i am reading about everyone getting their cars on the east coast. well, what about texas? we haven't seen any yet. well, at least not more than like one. Can anyone tell me where they are? or when more are coming?
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Yes --- I saw several Tuesday in the lot in K.C. that we'll be heading for several locations in Texas
this past tue, the 30th?
how long will it take to get here, u think?

i am so freaking anxious.

These caes have just started coming since last Sunday and the total of 210 just hit the lot by Tuesday late then we had this holiday. --- they will resume working tomorrow (Fri) . To my knowledge none have been shipped yet but with this holiday they really haven't had any time. Maybe tomorrow they will start loading --- I will try to check if I can.
When I talked to Jason at Sewell Wednesday he had nothing yet.
Yeah guys I have been told I will see my car on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Maybe even sooner now that I think of it but I will count on the middle of next week.

Jason --- I would say the middle of next week sounds about rite. It is Fri morning now and I am going to go down to the Cooper lot to see if there is any movement. I will post later if I have any INFO.
Hey Z06,

Can you give me any updated info about my order? My dealer is really raking me over the coals. Now he says not to bother him until March.
What would you like to know POOK? You just want the basic info. Did I not update your order this last week? Thanks HD926 the DBC said that the trucks were not going to start moving until Monday.
Hey HD926,

Tell us the truth...these cars will not be going anywhere, right?
The guys at Cooper just drive and drag them through the lot!!
Any bone you can throw would be appreciated. And thanks for those updates, by the way. You are doing the work that PMD should be doing. I was kind hoping for a vin to give to any spies out there...

Hey VelodromeRacer. --- Last week I did have 1 of the guys that unload them tell me that they didn't run that good then he said maybe I need to take off the traction control. Where they unload them and then park then there is only several 100 feet. I told him to not run any Red ones hard. That is my color. I have been out there from time to time for 27 + yrs and they really don't drive them hard.
Hey POOK sent you a PM.
Last I heard from the DBC was Tues. the 30th. We have one that is due in any day and they are supposed to call me when the car reaches the Arlington distribution center. I'll let you know when they call.
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