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What's TPW?

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I am watching the status of a buddy's car and was wondering. Is it projected build date?
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Yes. It's the Target Production Week
If Holden has started to produce the cars, (more importantly, the cars we have ordered) then I kinda expected that if I have a TPW of 10-3-03 that on 10-07-03 my production code would change to reflect that the car was produced.

The TPW's for all of the cars, even the ones with TPW in September have not changed, do we know how far behind in production they might be?

I have a car to sell, but do not want to sell it and then not see my GOAT for three months.......

Any thoughts from the guys with TPW's of 9-15-03?

We should be seeing 3800's on TPW now shouldn't we?
Im sorry guys ... I really wish there was more info on the older orders.
Nothing for you to be sorry about DevilYellow, you only post what
you can get! I just wonder how accurate our TPW dates are if the production codes have not moved to 3800.

I just can't wait for the day to arrive where we are talking about what we have done to the cars instead of what we are going to do!
Yeah, who knows what is going on. My TPW changed from 9/29 to 10/10. At least that shows that GM is doing some updates since my car was obviously not made the week of 9/29.
My condolences. That must be driving you crazy.

:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink:
Well I dont know if the status' will go past 3300 until the first shipment leaves later this month.

Davbo- honestly this and last week .. when the orders go grom 3000/3100 to 3300 the TPW's seem to push back a little which I think is from the initial week backup.

I talked to my Dealer last nite and he said that Pontiac is not telling them anything. The other car he had ordered was backed up to the same TPW date as mine.
It's a damn shame the way Pontiac is treating us, Dealers included.
How hard is it to give us some updates on production figures and prices!:mad:
My dealer called laast week to confirm that Pontiac informed him that my car was targeted to be produced on 9/10. Other then that - he could not get any other info out of Pontiac and he apoligized profusely for it. In fact he was stunned by the information that I have been able to get from this and other sites.

I agree with 4th GTO it is poor the way Pontiac is treating both their dealer network and their future customers.

I agree with DevvilYellow - he probably will not be able top pull anything else up post 3300 - until they ship (hopefully) on 10/14.

I told my brother he could have my Z28 at the end of November whether or not the GTO shows up by then - I can't keep him waiting just because Pontiac is slow in getting the cars here.
P.S. - I forgot - Devil as stated elsewhere - no need to be sorry - you are doing a great job - we appreciate it!

Pontiac could take a cue from you.
It would be interesting to see if we can find the shipping port (close to the Holden "Elizabeth" plant and maybe from marine resources the name of the carrier and track it port to port to see if we can get better idea shipping time. I bet there are online resources to do this sort of thing, just need know where.

Just picked this up over on Brandens - New Age GTO site from Decromin


HOLDEN has not finished with its export
announcements just yet. Following on from
Malaysia and the prospect of Singapore revealed
last week, the company is imminently expected
to confirm an export deal to Thailand as well.
Also, the UK Monaro export deal could be
announced at the Sydney motor show.
On October 21 the first shipload of Pontiac GTOs
is expected to sail from Adelaide for the US.

This is great news.
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Honestly guys, I don't think that blaming Pontiac for poor communication is right, at least at this point in time.

I don't think it's Pontiac's fault right now. They can only tell you what they know and I don't think they know anything yet because Holden simply isn't telling them or hasn't communicated with them.
i think holden and pontiac most definitely know whats going on it is strange that they are holding info on cars that have been built if any for the folks that have ordered them with early tpw like mine witch was the day after labor day now 9/15/03 should have been built by now/ unless the first batch of cars are for dealers GM big wigs and other folks like magazines ? has a car ever been out to the public before the magz got a hold of them? so are they sitting out back behind the plant in limbo ready to be shipped? or are they way behind and if enough are not built will they ship a few or wait untill the next boat??
1) GTO production is a 3rd shift affair. They don't make GTO's 24/7.

2) Consprists theory. The Holden plant is in a completely different country that IS NOT in 100% GM management
control. It's not like a plant here stateside run by GM fully. Pontiac may know something, but only as much as Holden will tell them.

3) Do you want Pontiac telling you half the story of what they know, misleading you, then upsetting you when you find out it's not to be true.

4) Perhaps there are legal issues that is keeping them Mum.

Honestly, until you sign on the dotted line, that car is property of GM. They can tell you exactly what they want to or what they don't want to. The money you put down is simply a reservation for one, so don't use that as an argument. It would be nice if they told us the daily processing of each vehicle, but for 18,000 individual customers, that would be nearly impossible.
I was just thinking. 3800 is when the car is produced, Im assuming that means it is 100% finished and sellable. I do not know the condition of these cars as they come off the line. i.e. if they will receive anything after they come to this country. That might be a reason for the backup in status information. Just a thought.
hey cmntmxr57 when iemailed and called holden they told me pontiac has ALL the info on the new pontiac GTO they have and are telling nothing /yes i know its gm s car untill we sign on the line. and as far as knowing what car is built each day when the car is completed and in that order so is all the paper work no cutting corners or unfinished paper work at gm?? all i was saying is they might be holding info on purpose but as far as the process as a car is built or moves down the line paper work such as supervisors sign off on different stages are done and off to the next stages untill finished so if you look at all the codes they should be changing as the car moves down the line i also relize that its a 3rd shift only so if a gto is finished all the paper work is done then it should be entered and be able to be picked up by the dealer or pontiac like the first one with a vin ?? and the only one i have seen with a vin??
ok so its from holden great is it possiable that no other ones that have been built have vins or different build codes there are 2or 3 on this site that should have changed by now so are they still waiting or sitting on the line either way i would thinknow that its the 8th of october someones would have changed by now by the way dont get me wrong i like to look at things from both sides of the fence and yes you are operating an awesome site .
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