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Anybody with a new GTO measured the wheel offset yet? I want to order wheels for mine but still don't have the car. Would be cool to have a shiny new set of 19" wheels and tires to put on my shiny new GTO!
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Simmons is from Austrailia ;)

I think everyone is a little unsure how well 19" will fit and how wide you can go......

I was thinking about the 19" Simmons, but I have decided on the 18" Charcoal Simmons.

Plus there are not that many sticky 19" tires

I'm just going to stick with 17's and plus size to P275/40ZR17's if I can. Price difference is significant, and the ride quality too I think. 18's maybe, they would look cooler I guess. I'm going to do the tire swap within the first 500 miles after I get it (my company has a program that allows me to do this), so I'll let you know how it works when I get the car!
The oversized wheels cause many neg affects. (if it matters to some of you).
They are usually heavier, so slows car down.
Tires are Way more expensive and selection is limited to few.
Tires are such a low profile that ride quality completely sucks, and then if you ever do hit a big pot hole, then you bend your rim because the tire is so low in profile that it can't even protect your rim.

I guess its just some factors to consider before diving into monster wheels. :)
I still think the car needs more rake. My thought was 18's in back and 17's in front - with the same tire profile on both. What are thoughts on this?
I'm not too thrilled about the rear wheelwell/quarter panel height on the cars styling so I plan to do a little subtle cosmetic quarter panel massaging to get a 315 or 325 tire in the rear. I am very picky on vehicle stance and wheel/tire proportion and with the rear quarter panels being so tall, the car has a slight rice look to it in the rear. It could use an overall taller tire and less quarter panel height to balance it out and give it a more muscular look. One of my best friends has a body shop and can rework the quarter panel as long as the paint codes are released. We plan to retain the original lines, just subtley add more wheelwell height and depth.
The only thing about 17's front and 18's rear is your tire care. You can't rotate, so the rears will wear out in a fraction of the time, especially if you "get after it" on occasion. And tires in the same position too long will cup (choppy tread) and effect alignment quicker. Rotating side to side does nothing but develop conicity in the tires, or what's called a radial pull. In english that means your tires will pull the car in one direction similating misalignment, and you might discover by rotating them back the car will either straighten out or pull in the opposite direction. Tires with radial pull will usually last just as long but are rather annoying.:eek:
I suppose it comes down to economics then. If I was using economic sense, I wouldn't be buying this car in the first place, and I most definitely wouldn't be considering replacing perfectly good wheels with new ones. I guess I'll see how long the stock tires last giving my driving style and go from there. I've yet to find exactly the wheel I want anyway - something black or gunmetal for sure...
tterbo, agree with you about the quarter panel height and styling, and the photochop looks cool,but don't think I'll be doing any major surgery on my car any time soon. Also like to rotate my tires.
Once I actually get the car and see what I have to work with, I may feel the same way, who knows. Now if I could just get the car..................
Hey DY,
Can you post a link or picture of the Simmons wheels you have in mind?
Just got off the phone with Simmons and I'll be taking my GTO there a week from Monday for some test fitting. After talking to them we should have no problem offering several 17, 18 & 19" wheel & tire package. I'll be sure to post the findings!
VelodromeRacer said:
Hey DY,
Can you post a link or picture of the Simmons wheels you have in mind?
18" Charcoal F-Series ... here are a few pics from

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I can see those on my GTO!!

If one went with an 18" wheel, what size of rubber would I get away with without rubbing?
Is that your GN, DY? Nice!! Hom far is it lowered?
Nope, that is one that was built in NY, put on the cover of GMHTP, and sold on ebay to someone in Madison WI for waaaay too much $.

It was running 13's at the nationals last year I think. I felt bad for the kid....I have no idea what he did to the car.

My GN isnt lowered because I have a 27 row stock location intercooler and a deep trans pan that hold like 40 quarts.
I think those are the closest rims to what I'd what to put on my car that I've seen yet. I'm still thinking it'd look better all black / charcoal / gunmetal. I'll go look at Simmons stuff - but do you know if they make them w/o the chrome ring?
It's a 3 peice wheel. I'm sure you can take them apart and coat it that peice any way you wish. The 19 f-series are assembled differently where the wheel center is on top so the chrome lip's ring is hidden behind the wheel center.

19" Simmons Pics
I wonder how those wheels compare for weight? Any chance we could save a few pounds and improve the stock wheels at the same time?
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