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Where to purchase a vented oil cap?

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I was wondering which vendors sell vented oil caps, (breather oil caps) and who has the best deal going right now. I'm thinking of going FI, and from the research I've been doing lately, I want to watch out for PCV issues, so going w/ a catch can and a vented oil cap should help from what I have read. And speaking of catch cans, I was looking for vendors who sell the AMW catch can for the best price. I read on some old threads (6 months ago) that Midwest PD sold them, but I can't find them now on their website.

Anybody that has a direct link to a breather cap and a AMW catch can, it would be much appreicated.

Ps. Noobie question: Is a vented oil cap, and a Valvecover breather filter the same thing?
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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