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We are a performance aftermarket company, primarily specializing in late-model Mustangs, established in 2002, and most well known for our industry-leading Rear Seat Delete kits. We build RSDs for 94-09 Mustangs, 02-09 Mini Coopers, and 04-06 Pontiac GTOs with many more soon to come.

We're also highly involved with E85 Ethanol fuel for performance purposes for well over 2 years. At 105 octane and costing less than gasoline, it's an easy choice for building a fast engine.

We are also now venturing into 4.6L Mustang engine building. Although not related to GTO performance, it shows our dedication to speed, horsepower, and style, regardless of the vehicle it powers.

Our vehicle testing usually occurs on our 1999 Mustang GT, or 2004 Saleen Convertible. (See other thread for full pics and details)

Our websites:

Phone: 704-674-6979

Email: [email protected]
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