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Who was At Atco Last night ?

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Nice to see some new faces there &some old one to ...Weather was pretty good!!!! I'm wondering if Dave from Cartek's Twin turbo Vette blew the stock rear or not.... I made my last pass at 10:15 Very happy then made it home in like an hour & 10 minutes Usually takes 1 1/2 ...Steven had tons of fun to.

How did the rest of you do?

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hey bruce how did that last run turn out for you and of course the ear beating from the misses haha? I ran the left lane it seemed a little slick actually. And of course waiting three hours for my only run got me anxious and i blew it on the launch just a little too many RPMs got me hoppin a bit. So a three hour wait for a lousy time 2.29 60' grrr and only 13.6 If I just went about what I launched before I would have done much better. At least now I know what number to stay below to launch and I'll go from there. On a good note only one run so no beating on the car time to go back soon as we get another decent night. hehe.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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