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whos first

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who will get theres first on this site if anyone on this shipment ??
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I'm thinking Howie since he lives closest to Tacoma.

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edsmaroonz said:
who will get theres first on this site if anyone on this shipment ??

not me, i will be lucky to have one ordered by the end of the week.
Sh*t, I wouldn't be surprised if Howie got his last. They may put a priority on those going across country.
You could be right. The first car onboard was reportedly yellow. That is probably Howie's and we all know first one on is the last one off.

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Poor Devil,
If I had known where you were located I might have voted for you. I want my frickin' order number!!!

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chicago :cool:

too bad it will problably be December by the time my car hits 3300
Am Curious about the order number and if the letter sequence means anything. I ordered my car 6/5 aobut 2 weeks before the public announcement of the advance order program. Of the current members tracking their cars, if the letter sequence means anything, Chotton is first , mine is second. I have a TPW 10/20 and 3100 code for a Yellow car . His has TPW 10/22 (?) and a 3300 for a silver car. As all of us have said "What gives?". Later orders/order numbers with earlier TPW's and more advanced codes. Still hoping get on that 10/27 ship (assuming that is still the date.

That is really weird on the TPW. Unfortunately the ship is leaving Adelaide as we speak. It is morning of the 21st in OZ.

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Check this link.

Also I heard that the same paper had a picture of a yellow jacket driving onto the ship on Saturday. I haven't been able to grap a picture yet. I might just have to break down and spend the $10 to buy one from the paper.

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Me too (backed up to 27th) but have seen an Aussie newspaper article about it (getting lot of press there) saying "next Tuesday"=tomorrow
Here is the second source for the basis of the 21st.

BTW Adelaide is 17 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time so right now it is 7:30 AM on the 21st.

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I'm actually hoping mine gets delayed some so that it comes in March sometime after the dreary Chicago winter.
Bring it down to Tampa CMNTMXR57.......the winter months are fabulous!!!
Can't bring it down if I don't have it. But I'd still be more than happy to come down anyway. :D
im pretty sure from what ive seen on an australian website, that the GTOS are being shipped to Los Angeles and then Tacoma. It leaves on the 21st, on a vessel called the chijin. thats the only car transport ship leaving for another week to the same place.

my TPW is 9/25 and im first on the list and first one to order one at the dealership by my house. im paying msrp and have a $500 refundable deposit down for a blk/blk m6. i live 2 hours from LA. my dealer said to expect it around nov.1 to nov.15. since i live on the westcoast, im hoping one of those 460 is mine.!!!!:D :D :D

if not more :drink: :drink: :drink: :eek:ff the a
I hope yours is too, so we can get a first hand account. :D
how do i get an order #? i just put a deposit down on mine this past saturday on an already allocated vehicle for that dealership. what does that mean? he said the end of november?i want to track mine too:(
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