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12568722 LS1 Production Engine
This 2004 LS1 Engine Production Engine is 320 Horsepower with 330 ft. lb of torque and is used in the 2004 Pontiac GTO. It makes a great engine for a performance vehicle. Included in the engine are the block, crank, rods, pistons, cam, aluminum cylinder head, water pump, intake manifold, injectors, cable driven throttle body, exhaust manifolds, balancer, and flex plate. "DOES NOT INCLUDE ECM OR WIRE HARNESS" For engine service parts refer to 2004 GTO catalog.

Technical Notes:
Technical Features:
Aluminum 6-bolt main engine block
Nodular iron crankshaft with undercut and rolled fillets
5.098" powdered metal connecting rods
Flat top, lightweight pistons
Hydraulic roller camshaft (0.500 lift / 200 / 203 degrees 0.050 duration)
Symmetrical port heads w/ 2.00/1.55 valves
1.7 ratio investment cast roller rocker arms
Composite inlet manifold with tuned runners
Single bore throttle body
Return-less fuel rail with 25lb/hr injectors 58 psi
Tubular log-style exhaust manifolds
Cast aluminum oil pan
14-inch flexplate

LS1 Technical Information:
Bore / Stroke 3.98 / 3.62
Comression Raio 10.25:1
Gross Power 320 HP @ 5800 RPM
Gross Torque 330 Lb-Ft @ 4400 RPM

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Aren't those the '02 F-Body numbers? Maybe they only updated what the engine is used in now instead of saying standard F-Body and didn't adjust output?

Just a guess

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It doen't matter if it's from an 02 or 04, the engine is the same regardless of what they state the output as. 99 LS1's put down the same numbers as 04's.

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those are fbody specs, disregard

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guess what the 01 and 02 Fbodys had 350hp. Don't let numbers decive you. Its all a numbers game to make Ybody owners feel special.
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