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Okay... trying to find my options on rims before I even own a GTO, lol. Anyways... I want to run a 285 series tire for the rears. I'm looking for some rims that are both light weight, but also give it the BMW type styling... I may remove the spoiler from the truck, still undecided. Anyways... I guess I'm asking whats the largest depth we can go, I might be going with CCW rims since they can do custom offsets and lug patterns. I really want to run a 18x10" rim, but I dont want the tires sticking out... what offset would the rims have to be, can we even use a 10" wide rim on the GTO's?

Im all for rolling the fender wells if it will prevent it from rubbing...

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8,959 Posts is your friend. Look for 5x120mm bolt pattern, and at least a 40mm offset.

It is highly unlikely that you'll get 10" rims on the rear, even with rolling.

285's? I seriously doubt it.

Up front, 8" with at least a 40mm offset is minimum is normal, but if you go 9" you'll need at least 48mm. And you can't roll the fronts (from what I can tell).

I currently run 19x9.5 TSW's with a 45mm offset on the rears, and that required rolling with 265/30's. I could probably go with 275's, but no more.

Disclaimer: just my experience from weeks of :banghead: about this issue.


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10"s aint gonna happen, but for a 285 isn't needed at all. With 9.5 you probably have room with the perfect offset. Taking Padre's info above, his is 9.5" with 45mm offset, fenders rolled, but I bet there's probably about a half inch of inner clearance left because of the aggressive 45mm offset he's running. If you went larger tires, but went with a 55-60mm offset, you'd pull the wheel in just enough to give you clearance for the 285 - but again, depends on WHAT 285 you get (some run larger, some run small). Why not just stick with the *safe* 275?

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I believe BMR fit 10" wide rears after MAJOR modification. Beyond that, you'd hardly notice the difference between 9.5's and 10's with the same profile tire. (As Padre said, 285's probably wouldnt fit without rubbing anyhow.)
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