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2006 GTO C.G.M. 6 speed, 1-7/8 ARH Headers, corsa sport catback, DSS 1000 h.p. 1 pc. D/S, K&N intak
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I agree. Possibly see see if they can do a teardown and put on the frame machine and check the frame specs. Then see what it needs and procure your own used parts. See if that's an option? If the car is clean and in good running order what's to lose.

I know one thing. All this talk. I'm looking into Hagerty and seeing about an agreed value policy myself and what the mileage and drivability stipulations are. Heck they even offer coverage on spare parts! Cause if that ever happens to me. I'd just buy a really nice low mileage example GTO most likely.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts