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I have a Holden Monaro in the UK, it's more or less the same as your Pontiac GTO.

I urgently require the Wilwood big brake kit - 330mm front disc with SL-6, 6 piston callipers, and the 280mm rear disc with SL-4, 4 piston callipers. I need the complete kit that includes all the mounting brackets, pads and braided hoses.

I have a track session coming up on the 30th of October, and I REALLY need to get some decent brakes on the car by then. The standard sliding calliper pbr brakes fitted to my Monaro fade under repeated application, and don't offer that much 'feel' through the brake pedal, due to the sliding calliper design.

The UK distributor for Wilwood (rally design) don't have the car listed yet and don't really know much about the GTO, further more they very much doubt if they could supply a kit by the end of the month.

My only other alternative is a AP/HSV racing brake kit, but that is mega $$ and that has to come from Australia.

So guys - can you help me out? Can you suggest a Wilwood distributor in the US that can send me a Wilwood kit pronto!

I have my credit card ready!

I'll post up some pics of the track day, if I get the brakes fitted in time.

Very good site by the way. There are a lot more GTOs in the states, than there are Monaros in the Uk, at the moment.

Thanks for your help

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