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Window tint when delivered?

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What do you guys think about window tint? Will these cars need them? If I instruct my dealer, he sends the car to get it done when it is delivered, and I am thinking about setting that up when it is delivered.
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Im thinking about getting mine done on my own. Not sure on this but I think dealers can only tent the windows the legal limit, which just isnt good enough for me :(
Yea, I'll be doing my own as I have a guy who's done all my cars and has been tinting windows for some 15-20 years. His work is incredible!

I will be going with a mid-grade (33%) tint like I have on my truck, Camaro and had on my Aurora.

Of course you'll need it, a car just doesn't look right without tinting!
Probably the first on my list. Nothing looks better than than a red sports car with the windows tinted. I'm sure alot of you will disagree!
Tinting makes the car look so much better. I am going to let the dealer tint my windows.
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